Beers On MeMature

My name is Codey Spotwood and I'm 17 years old and a Junior at Atlas Academy for Boys. I guess I'm pretty decent looking with my sleek brown hair and light blue eyes.Oh yea, before I forget, I'm gay. I know what your thinking, but my grandparents want to have the best education so they sent me to the best school in town.

I lived with my mom and dad for a while, but when I was 4 my mom died in a car accident. After that, my dad was never the same. He got angry a lot and abused me for 3 years because I was in the car with my mom that day and didn't get a single scratch. Then, he had to do 15 years in prison, so I live with my mothers parents now. They have always been so kind to me and supported my decision in being gay. They're all I've got since I'm practically invisible at school. It's not because I'm gay, there are quiet a few gays actually, but because I'm nerdy and not very athletic.

At Atlas, we don't have many school dances, so we make our own and invite plenty of girls. These party's we throw aren't low grade either, they are loaded with beer and the occasional drugs. Not like I use or anything. There's one today actually at someones mansion, courtesy of our football teams quarter back, and I'm going to ask Craig Tucker. He's the captain of the baseball team even though he's a, junior like me. I've liked him for a while now, with his big muscles, gorgeous dirty blond hair, and deep brown eyes. Anyways, I've finally built up the nerve to ask him. Man was I in way over my head or what?

"Hey Craig!" I yelled, waving to him from across the hall. It was after school and the halls were still cluttered with people trying to leave and possibly get ready for tonight's party. Craig turned around to look at me.

"Oh, hey Spotwood. Do you have the notes for Biology class? I missed the class cause I ditched again," he asked. He  always ditches his classes and I usually give him the notes. I would say something about it but honestly, his delinquency makes him even more attractive.

"Yea sure, here you go, do you have a moment?" I replied while giving him my notes, hoping he doesn't notice my sweaty palms.

"Kay, what do you want?" he replied suspiciously.

"Uh, well, a-are you going to the party tonight? 'Cause we don't have homework and it's a Friday night."

"I don't know yet, why?" he asked curiously. I'm starting to become really nervous now. Sweat is beading down my neck and my body is starting to shake. I wiped my palms on my pants and tried to ask him as fast as possible.

"Um, I, uh, I was wondering if you would like to go with me, . . . as in a date," I closed my eyes, hoping for him not to reject me.

"Are you kidding me? You think I'm a fag like you? Hell no I won't go with you!" he laughed. He knocked my books out of my hands and pushed me into the lockers. After that, he yelled "Queer!" at me and walked off. People were laughing at me and some even called me the same thing. I calmly grabbed my things and just simply left. I kinda already knew that was going to happen, but not as embarrassing.

I was walking across the parking lot when I saw the custodian cleaning up papers that were spread out by the football team. I walked over to him and helped gather the papers. He kind of reminded me of myself just a while ago, picking up my books with no one to help me. I was going to start up a conversation but his name tag was non-existent and had his hat concealing his face, like he didn't want to talk. I sighed and headed for the bus stop to go home. The custodian glanced back at me then nonchalantly walked back into the school.

A few hours passed and it was time for the party. I ended up going because I hoped to see Craig there. I don't know why I'm still going after him after he mortified me but, I just cant get over him. Reminiscing to what happened to me today mad me a little exasperated. I walked over to the mini bar and started to downing one glass of beer after another. I could see that the bartender was flirting with me but I ignored him. As I was about to pay for my fifth glass, someone bought it for me.

"Beers on me," Kyle said sitting down, "Why so glum kiddo?" I was too drunk to argue and I had no money left anyway. The bartender glared at Kyle, clearly annoyed. Kyle noticed and glared back. He walked away to tend to another customer and Kyle turned back to me."If you're looking for Craig, he isn't coming."

"Who said I was looking for him?" I said after chugging my beer. Kyle laughed at me.

"No need to be pissy," he laughed,"I heard what happened today. That was pretty fucked up even for Craig." He was actually being kind to me. That's shocking. Kyle is the type of guy to put salt on a wound and laugh about it later. He's also the guy who will bang anyone or anything he sees.

"Yea, I guess news travels fast. I don't care anymore. I'm just here to get wasted! How about you?" Kyle turned and pointed to a sofa piled with girls.

"I'm here to get laid!" he yelled over the music with a smirk. For some reason I got really irritated. Maybe it was the beer making me feel all wonky.

"Of course, can ya even go one day without having sex! I bet yer not even friggin' bi!" I yelled. Why was I so loud? Must be the beer.

"I can do whatever I want, it's my life," he stated, banging his fist on the counter, "And I am too bi!"

"No yer not! I've never even seen ya with guys!" Oh no, I'm slurring my words. Kyle's face expression changed drastically. He looked pissed off, angry, and somewhat attractive.

"I am bi, here, I'll prove it to ya!" Kyle thrust me against my chair and kissed me. It wasn't a soft and tender kiss either. Instead, it was rough, and he started to force his tongue into my mouth and down my throat. I tried to reject him but my body was becoming weak. The kiss turned into a full on make out session, and when it ended Kyle pulled away quickly. "Does that prove that I'm bi?" he said tantedly while wiping his mouth. I looked at him, dazed. "What, speechless at my experienced kissing?"

"I . . . I think the bartender slipped me something," I mumbled feeling really dizzy. Kyle looked confused and then looked at the empty glass only to find a weird powdery substance at the bottom.

"Oh shit!"Kyle scanned for the bartender and found no one. "That fucking bastard! Uh, do you want me to take you home?"

"No, no I'm fine," I answered trying to stand up. I failed miserably and stumbled onto Kyle.

"Yeah, I think I should. You cant drive like this."

" . . . fine, whatever . . . uh, I don't remember where I live," I replied, flustered. Kyle stared at me and then helped me off the stool.

"I'll take you to my place since you don't remember, okay?" He got me through the crowd of people and out to his car. Why is he so kind to me all of a sudden? I said sure and we started to his place. It was silent the whole way there. I don't recall how but, he got me through the door and put me on the bed. It was getting really hot.

"Is the air conditioner on?" I asked.

"Yea it is, why are you hot?" I nodded my head and he sat next to me. "I'm going to unbutton your shirt so don't freak out," he said while reaching for my shirt. I started to sweat and my body started shivering.

"The room is spinning," I sighed feeling uncomfortable and unable to move.

"It must me the drugs. Don't worry, they'll wear off soon." He looked up at me and we stared into each others eyes intensely. "Your eyes are an icy blue, they're beautiful," he complemented. For some reason, I blushed.  No one's said that to me before. Then, in the moment, we suddenly kissed. He was very experienced, and it was more calm and gentle than earlier. He placed his hand on my chest and slowly down my stomach. He whispered in my ear, "Is it okay if I replace Craig tonight?"

"Yea, I-I guess," I whispered back, without thinking. He slowly took off his shirt and unzipped my pants. Then, my mind went blank.

The End

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