Part One :: Chapter FourMature

13th October

Music was the last lesson before lunch, so I made my way from the music room, through the library to the back door of the ICT 2 and to a computor and logged on. Realising I didn't really have anything to do, so I started playing cargo bridge.

Five minutes later, my friends in the year below me came in, Michael and David. David is a bit taller than me and has quite short dark hair and a longish face. Michael is about the same height as me and has a round face and black hair.

David sat at the next computor, and Michael inbetween us. Looking over at what I was doing, David typed the web adress into his computor and started about building vitrual bridges. Michael chatted to us both. They're nice boys, good friends.

A while later, David decided to go to lunch. Michael had already had lunch, so he stayed and we talked for a while.

"So... Year Eight gossip? Tell me all!"

"Okay, Alice is going out with Connor. Apparently Allen asked out Mya but she said no. Other than that I'm not sure. Year seven?"

"Hmm...  Jacob took Alice's purse and used the money to buy chocolate. Grace and Charlie broke up, Charlie immediately asked out Abigail and Grace wasn't too happy.

I had no idea who these people were but oh well.

"... Oh and I think Dave likes you." This I did not expect. I stared at Michael.


"I don't know but you know how he alwasy sits next to you and is clumsy -"

"Like when he lifted the- "

"Yeah that."

"Never bring this up again? Please?"


The End

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