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12th October

Yesterday was totally boring. I saw no point in mentioning it.

Today was also just like every other day. Jessica came to wait outside my form room door, Sam shouted at her to get out because I wasn't there. Of course I was. Then Connor cam over to me and started poking my arm hard. I turned to look at him and asked what her wanted.

"Why are you so skinny?"

"Because I'm healthy, unlike some people who will die of obesity. Not naming any names." I replied sweetly, then pretended to cough violently.

This was the same moment when Luke walked in, laughing with Jason. I didn't realise I was staring until Louise whispered

" Hey, want anything from the tuckshop?"

I turned to her.

"Yeah, thanks. I just need to get a book out of my locker."

I don't actually like Louise much, she's nice (sometimes) but she has the wrong sort of friend group. We fight a lot. Her idea of an apology (actual quote from our last fight);

"I'm sorry but you were really rude to me and I don't like your attit- hey, Colette! Look at me when I talk to you! I'm trying to apologise and you won't look at me. LOOK AT ME!" Then she sits down on the step below at starts crying.

She's not the kind of girl I like to hang out with. She doesn't know how to act with people and, not saying I know much about charisma and everything, she won't tak any advice from me, not even about that little spring you do when you dive.

So this is my average break time, after being insulted by Connor (and kicking him in the shins - hard) I will be invited by Louise, who is, at this time in the day, in a generous mood, and buys me a Galaxy. Then I will do whatever I need to do. Generally meeting my three closest friends in the ICT suite and spending the remaining ten minutes playing games.

Ta da, my amazing, busy schedule.

The End

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