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10th October

School was normal. I got home and went through the usual routine; let the cat in, get changed, flick through the TV channels to see if there’s anything interesting, give up and go upstairs to read, go on msn (I’m not allowed Facebook yet) or just talk to myself.

Five hours and a bowl of pasta later it’s finally time for bed. Bed, not necessarily sleep. Sleep is almost impossible. I can barely think about sleep.

I can’t talk to… him in real life (or at least say what I want to say) so why can’t I use other forms of communication? Many people say the stars are a good place to talk to people, or at least my grandma does. She said that if you can’t tell people you love them, tell the stars. They always know what to do. The person you love, they’ll know. And people look up at the sky often. I’ve read it in lots of places. “I look up at the sky and hope that their looking up too… blah blah” It’s the same every time. I may as well try it though.

So I talk to him at night. It relaxes me. It’s easier than in person because I can tell him everything. If you’ll excuse me I am supposed to be meeting someone… at the window…

The End

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