Secret SolsticeMature

About a girl who has a deep love for a boy who hates her. When she hears him talking about her (in a bad way) she sinks into depression. Eventually she commits suicide. But what did she not know............


I heard foot steps pacing along the corridor infront of me. I dared not look up. Just keep walking, head down. But just as the person was about to pass me, I did. Mistake. It was him, Luke. I tried to smile at him, and he half smiled back.

I silently screamed. Inside my head was a war zone. The scream? A mixture of total irrational fear and success. He had smiled at me. Luke Sharp had actually smiled at me.

But my happiness faded back to gloom on the thought that, like me, he was probably just being polite. He had smiled because I had smiled. He had not, and would not ever, noticed my vain attempts to let him notice me. I couldn't even bring myself to stay in the same room as him, let alone talk to him. This certainly was not a nightmare.

The End

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