Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

No sooner than my reverie had become completely real to me, was I torn away from it all. A swift, icy breeze pulled me from my own spell like a bucket of ice water. The ocean slowly evaporated back to blackness, the sun faded into the dark and the sand swirled away beneath me. All feelings of lightness and contentment were swallowed in fear and an unpinnable heaviness. I felt like a weight being dragged to the bottom of the sea.

If it were even possible, the blackness became darker, and I was no longer a falsely contented existence. I felt the heaviness of my physical form, weighed down by gravity. My lungs constricted, now unused to oxygen, and I found myself wheezing and gasping to catch a breath I should no longer have had. I felt ice at my back and an odd dampness in my fingers as I attempted to grab the solid foundation I lay upon. It had snowed.

It had snowed, and I had died. My breathing finally slowed to a pace I considered to be normal--if such a word would ever again be appropriate for me to use--as I realized the depth of my new situation. Once I was sure of permanence in my physical self, brushing aside all fears of what I might see, I slowly opened my eyes. After adjusting to the new light, I found that I was gazing at a cloudless, sunless sky; a peculiar sight, I had to still my thoughts from believing I had been delivered to a new realm of "After-death".

I blinked away the moisture that had collected in my eyes, and took a deep breath. Mustering up every ounce of courage I had, I pushed myself to sit up, and realized my location. I was in a graveyard; the cemetary of Saint Peter's Holines Church, where I presumed I had been buried. A deep, unsettling confusion fluttered in my bones as I wobbled to my feet. I nearly stumbled back, but caught hold of something cold and stonelike behind me.

I twirled around with all the grace of a newborn calf and gasped in horror as an unnerving realization settled deep in my bones. The light slate-colored stone was carefully engraved in a delicate script:

Vivienne Bambina Amore DeLuce

January 31, 1990 - January 13, 2012

Beloved Daughter and Sister. Forever Missed.

I slumped down, my knees buckling beneath me, and leaned my head against the cold stone as tears flooded down my face. Mentally stating the fact that I had died was one thing...coming face to face with my own tombstone threw me over the edge. I wasn't sure how long I stayed there like that, crumpled against the headstone; but my knees were worn and sore by the time I gained my composure.

I pushed away from the stone, keep a hand on it for lack of balance, and tried to stand to my feet again. I stumbled as the world around me spun at a dizzying speed, and fell to my feet twice before finally giving up on the ridiculous idea that I had enough strength to walk the twelve miles back to my former home.

I sighed and laid back in the state I had woken, facing the sky with my feet facing away from the headstone. I pondered that perhaps I was not really alive again, that maybe this was the journey to pass completely over to the "Other Side", a test of some sort or some unfinished business I would have to complete before a door magically appeared before me. I mused over these possibilities, but only breifly before an outraged voice called out to me from the church doors.

"Hey! You there! Get away from that grave!" the voice was familiar, but my lack of energy--and lack of interest--kept me in my position. The man's voice grew closer and sounded more and more familiar with each word. "You kids are unbelievable! Defacing a grave like that! Did that young woman not suffer enough? How dare--" the man's words died on his lips as his shadow loomed over my feet. "My God, you poor child," he stepped closer and finally into view. He gazed down at me, pitying and confused. From his face, he must have thought someone removed my body from my casket, and had not yet realized that I was indeed no longer dead.

"Bishop Taylor," my voice quivered and cracked as I slowly reached an arm towards him. His eyes grew wider than I thought physically possible and he blinked several times as though that might make me disappear. "Bishop Taylor," I repeated, my voice hoarse and nearly inaudible, "please help me," I barely managed, before my eyes grew too heavy to keep open.


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