Secret Shadows

Vivienne DeLuce was a tragic soul, cursed with an illness that took her life at the early age of 21. But death was only the beginning, and the newly revived Vivienne isn't the sweet little pitied girl she once was. Who or what brought Vivienne back from her eternal rest? Where did this darker side of herself come from? Follow Vivienne's journey to discover who--and what--she really is and how her tragic death turned out to be the gateway to a very dangerous new life.

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Chapter 1


I can't, with sound conscience, say that I didn't expect this to happen. I've always known a darker side of myself existed, somewhere beneath the seven layers of flesh just waiting to surface and gain control. But the manner in which it all came about...well, that was a different matter entirely.

I woke up too early on a brisk January morning, just weeks before my twenty-second birthday. The moon, still visible, was the only brightness in an otherwise light-void, midnight sky. I hadn't bothered checking the time; it was simply a reminder that my own clock was tick-tick-ticking quickly away, and I now had less than half a year at best to live due to a cerebral ailment that cursed itself upon me.

I slid drearily from beneath my comforter, sitting up slowly and taking in the ever-changing renovations of my room. A pitiful sight, really; anyone without knowledge of my current condition would believe this room belonged in the ICU ward of a local hospital, everything pale and metal, rieking of bleach and iodine. My nose wrinkled at the rank smell invading me.

I stifled a shiver as I stumbled to my feet, my nightgown now clinging to my frail, sweat-drenched form, and took a deep, dizzying breath. I yawned and blinked the moisture in my eyes away, wishing I could shake this fatigue that had become my daily companion.

What woke me, I briefly wondered, though it was pointless to question these simplistic ideals. There was never really one thing or other to stir me from my unrecuperative slumber, and as such, I usually tossed it off as Madame Morte (my less-daunting nickname for the grim reaper) gently tapping my shoulder to remind me, "Dear, it's almost time."

Still, such insignificant thoughts kept me from drowning in the more common swarm of why-me's, why-now's, and ever incessant but-I'm-too-young-to-die thoughts.

I stood by the window, now only slightly trembling, as I soaked in Mother Luna's light, briefly begging the question as to why my family would waste their money trying to save me from something inevitable. I was sure that within the first few months after my passing, many would regret their spending of funds on a lost cause. I huffed and sniffled and dried my tears, bracing myself for another depressing day of waiting...waiting for the end to come...when footfalls resounding from the stairway pulled me from my self-pitying thoughts. Mother would be checking on me briefly.

Two raps sounded against the cold metal door, and I was momentarily puzzled. Mother never knocks, I shrugged to myself.

"Vivienne," an errie whisper--not my mother's--struck an odd chord in my heart. I spun on my heel and matched gazes with a set of unfamiliar yet heartwrenching silver eyes, glowering in anguish and defeat--two feelings that suffocated me in that moment. "Vivienne," the silver-eyed shadow repeated my name, "it is time," the scratchy whisper scathed.

A choking sob escaped me once and I instinctively clutched at my chest. My heartbeat thudded loudly in my ears, resounding at an excruciating sound pressure level, so high in decibels that flashes of red clouded my vision with every thud. The beats quickened, and soon I could hear nothing past the high-pitched ringing in my ears as my knees buckled and I lost my balance. I hardly felt the cold marble beneath me as sharp plights of pain struck and stabbed at my heart like daggars. I would die soon, this I knew without a doubt.

My breathing quickened as my logic panicked, and soon I was hyperventilating. I huffed and wheezed, trying to catch my breath, as another searing pain made its way to my chest. It felt like my heart was pumping fire or acid; with each beat, pain flared throughout every vein. With another heavy thump, the inner walls of my chest tore as my heart constricted for the last time. A slow, devastating shockwave of unbearable pain sifted through me with an audible explosion as the blood in my heart erupted from each chamber of the vital organ. I seized as the light slowly drained from my eyes, blood gushing from the corner of my mouth.


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