The Ride

Yesplanty and Inpo sped across the landscape, ducking in and out of trees in the orchard. They appeared but a sudden blur to anyone who witnessed them. Soon they were out of the orchard and speeding across hills and valleys. Yesplanty partly drew his blade, realizing that by leaving the orchard they had left safety.

Inpo surged up one last large hill and then trouble began. From the right three black figures formed. They were like centaurs, only the horse's body was black, and the 'human' part, if you could call it that, appeared to be a shadow, with red burning eyes, that seemed to see every deed you shouldn't have done in your soul. The figures each raised their right hands and swords of flame appeared in them. Yesplanty drew his golden sword and urged Inpo onward.

"Come on Inpo! We do not have time to fight Nightmares, we must ride!"

"Yesplanty, I have been riding, covering more distance in less time than any of my species, even we have our limits. I can continue at this pace to the stone hut, but you must keep them off of me!"

The first Nightmare drew his sword high above his head and brought it down in a crushing blow toward Yesplanty's head. Yesplanty quickly raised his sword to block it, catching it just in the nick of time. His sword met the Nightmare's flame-sword with a deafening silence. The Nightmare's eyes briefly shown surprise, then anger. He swung faster and harder, attempting to put together combos. Yesplanty was blocking them and dodging to the best of his ability, but he knew he didn't have much time. Then there was an opening...

The Nightmare raised his sword for a kill blow, and Yesplanty and Inpo veered out of range as it fell, and quickly jumped back, allowing Yesplanty to stab the Nightmare straight in the chest. As he removed his blade the Nightmare tumbled down the hill and exploded into shadow at the bottom. The other two were not happy.

They rode up now, one on each side. Yesplanty casting a glance forward, saw the Great Chasm, and knew he had to beat them before they reached it. That's when Inpo stepped in. He suddenly roared and jumped straight at the Nightmare on the left, clawing his face and neck, while forcing him to the ground. The Nightmare exploded into shadow, just as the first had done. Then he turned and breathed a beam of light, much as dragons do fire. The light struck the last Nightmare straight in the chest. He collapsed and exploded. Inpo continued on his way.

"Wow, Inpo, you could have told me to hang on, at least!" Yesplanty exclaimed, having nearly fallen off during the exchange.

"Yes, but I had to act. We didn't have time to fight off two Nightmares. The Great Chasm is upon us. There would be no way we could have made it." Inpo replied, and then, seemingly with a smile upon his face, spoke again, saying:

"Besides, I wanted some of the fun too! I haven't felt this young since the Great War!"

Yesplanty just shook his head and chuckled, sheathing his blade. He looked ahead and saw the Great Chasm coming ever so closer. The Great Chasm is exactly that, A great rectangular hole in the ground. However, through the middle there was an extremely small path, and for creatures without the ability of flight, this was the only way across. A fight on the path would be suicidal for almost all involved. Almost all, depending on who was fighting.

Yesplanty soon found out to which creatures would a fight be suicidal, for upon Inpo beginning to cross the Great Chasm, Three balls of light flew at him, nearly knocking him off Inpo. The balls alighted in front of them, keeping pace with Inpo, as they took form. They were light faeries, the beings of light.

The End

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