Beginning the Journey

Yesplanty walked through many dark grey winding hallways, seemingly going nowhere but with purpose in his step. Eventually after going through the maze-like labyrinth of hallways he came to small wooden doors . They were unmarked except for the handle, which was well carved to resemble the head of a dragon. Yesplanty opened the door and entered.

In the room there was next to no furniture. Each wall was lined with wooden lockers that had no locks but no handles either. In the middle of the room there were benches laid around in the shape of a rectangle, with plenty of room for much people. He took of his robes. He was what humans would call a chimpanzee, although he was taller, about the average size of a human. His eyes also held slightly more intelligence, on par with a human. His fur was a light gray. He was in every other way chimpanzee like, which explained the hump which just was his posture.

He opened a wooden locker, which flung open when he stood before it, and pulled out certain items. He pulled on golden greaves and a golden breastplate. Then he put on leather riding boots and a thick cape and hood. He clipped a large golden sword to his left that had a glass helmet set with a pearl. He clipped his familiar dagger on his right side. He walked out a door at the other end of the room, and walked out into a large and ornate courtyard.

The courtyard was very elegant. There were many exotic plants and gardens, with plenty of fountains shaped like strange beasts. Taking up most of the right side of the courtyard was a stable built of white marble. It's roof was shingled with pieces of onyx.

He walked over to the stable. Opening the door a strange beast walked out. It was the body of a horse, but covered with scales and colored green. It had the head of a dragon, and strange feet. Each foot instead of a hoof, had five fingers, each well jointed and strong to aid in climbing, and with retractable webbing for swimming. It's body was well muscled, and it had great jumping capability. It could easily outrace a horse and had much better endurance. Yesplanty bowed before it, and spoke.

"Oh great Inpo, we must ride, for the Great War is nigh, and we must serve our parts."

The strange beast looked up, staring straight at Yesplanty with eyes that held such intelligence it was near impossible to comprehend. It replied:

"I have known of this time for many years, for my race is wise and intelligent. Yes we must ride. We must ride to the stone hut. It is the only way you may travel to the realm of humans. Quickly now, get on so we may proceed."

"Yes, oh great Inpo, race as you never have before, nor as you ever will have too again!"

With that statement Yesplanty jumped and nimbly landed on Inpo's back, and Inpo took off like lightning, becoming but a green blur as they raced through the great castle gate and across the drawbridge into the Orchard of Ideas.

It would be a long and arduous ride, and Yesplanty fingered the hilt of his blade, hoping against all odds he wouldn't have to use it.


The End

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