Secret Place of Knowledge

An ordinary man who feels as though everything is worthless finds there is more to life then we notice.

A lone figure quickly walked down a stone hallway. He was hooded in a rough black robe and had a strange humped back. His brow became wet from the leaking ceiling.

"Great, the roof is starting to leak again, this castle can keep out any enemy, internal or external, but it can't keep out the stupid water!" the figure thought, shaking his hooded head. He came up to a giant set of double wooden doors set with intricate carvings of strange beasts and battles. He reached within his robe and withdrew a small dagger, with a golden blade and glass handle with a ruby set within the pommel. He flipped it and banged the pommel against the door.

Thwack, Thwack, Thwack....the sound resounded throughout the stone hallway, but the figure didn't even start at the noise. The doors swung silently inward on oiled hinges.

Inside the room There was a long table, on the far side of which sat 7 more hooded figures. The lone hooded figure bowed and replaced the beautiful dagger in his robes. Each of the 7 inclined their heads. The one in the center spoke first.

"Yesplanty, you must go into the mortal realm of humans and bring one to our world, as decreed by the great prophecy of Jiusx. The forces of darkness gather on our eastern border, and the forces of light gather on our western. They each come for the same thing, which if they gain would mean the end of both our world and the mortal world of humans. They come for the secret knowledge from the Super Secret Place of Knowledge, which has since been hidden. Only a human can find it and use it to stop the Great War which is soon to begin. You now you job, now complete it for us, for our land, and for the humans."

Yesplanty bowed deeper, and then spoke slowly and solemnly.

"I will do as you say elder, I will not fail. I will find the human spoken of in prophecy. I will not fail, because I cannot fail."

"Go then Yesplanty. And some warning for your trip, both light and darkness will be against you in this journey. Trust no one but yourself, and remember, the only safe place is the castle."

"Yes elder."

The End

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