An Unlikely Guide

Who was the unnamed man to question anything that was given to him in life? Each element in the smaller puzzles gave forth not only evidence of an even larger task, but also assistance in the grand scheme of the larger conundrum.

One with less, or perhaps more, awareness would dismiss the fish, deeming it only natural that such a creature would be found in this place. A most nondescript animal, swimming along in what was its own environment. Yet, in this circumstance, it was the most perfect of analogies, and probably would give the answer.

He had to rise to the surface, this unnamed man, insignificant in the vastness of the many universes yet entirely essential, as were all things. Breath could only be held for so long, and he was only human. Near pitch darkness surrounded him, and the lesson was learnt in that moment. Though, what significance did the lesson have beyond that single moment? Maybe none, perchance all. It was only the moment, however, that existed, and follow the lesson he would.

Just as he had always done, the moment's lesson would be heeded for that moment, until the next be taught, then the moment would change.

The fish, a placid creature, generally travelling with the general flow of whatever body of water it was in, simply shifting slightly to ensure sustenance was maintained. And so, the unnamed man, unworthy of questioning the universe, allowed his body to relax in this stream of water, the flow taking him wherever it willed. The stream was no fast moving body of water, but as eyes shift to either side, a splash shows the fish jumping into the air, obviously also taking the gentle pace of the water.

The universe so rarely offered a moment of tranquil reprieve from the toils of deciphering the enigmatic puzzle that drives all living creatures, so who is the unnamed man to go against such an opportunity?

And so it was he floated, neither forcing his direction, or fighting the gentle current, half laid upon his back, eyes lazily just kept open. Until of course, light appeared and eyes opened fully. Gazing around the strange opening in this seemingly vast maze, all memories of the previous achievment was forgotten. It was a single structure, though, that caught the man's eye, immense, domineering, grand and truly awe inspiring.

It was the largest oak he had ever seen.

The End

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