True ColoursMature


I watched Marian go. Did she really feel that strongly about it? I'd never known. I started forward, intent on going after her, but a hand on my shoulder stopped me. Fathers hand.

"Do not go after her, Adeline. She's just upset, she'll get over it." I knew in my heart of hearts he was wrong, but I did not resist as he turned me to face him.

"Adeline. You are the heir to the throne. Do not worry over your sisters temper." I looked into his eyes as he said this and saw not a king, but an old man, weary with age.

"Yes, Father. I understand," I said, fingering the silver and amber necklace that was now mine. I could feel the power in it, power that could be used for great things, whether they were done with good or bad intentions.

The End

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