Good At HidingMature


I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed. No matter how hard I tried to hide it, there was sadness in my eyes. My big brown eyes which used to be full of light. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes for just a moment, and looked at my reflection again. I picked up my hairbrush and ran it through my long brown hair.

"Smile, Marian. Don't let them see a thing" I said quietly and began practising my smile, making sure to cover up every inch of sadness.

That was one of the things I was good at: hiding the things I didn't want people to see. And only showing people what I wanted. The princess they saw was a lie. The princess they saw was the princess they wanted to see. Then again, they never really wanted to see me. It was Adeline that mattered to them. Granted they tried not to play favourites but it was evident she was the more important one.

Today was the day that really mattered, though. Our eighteenth birthday. Today we would finally be treated like adults. And most importantly, we would find out which of us was going to take the throne once Father passed. My heart screamed for it to be me but it would be Adeline. Of course it would be Adeline. Sweet, good-natured, perfect Adeline.

Before I knew it, I'd thrown my hairbrush at the mirror I sat in front of. Not hard enough to smash it but with enough force to chip the glass and leave a visible crack in its otherwise flawless surface. I sighed again and stood up, the hem of my skirt falling from my knees to its rightful place halfway down my legs. Long, slender legs. That was one thing about me that Adeline didn't share: I was taller than her, even if it wasn't by much.

I gave myself a final once over in the damaged mirror before striding purposefully out of my room and towards the throne room, fake smile glued to my face as I walked with Adeline. With my perfect twin.

The End

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