The Fairy's Repentence

The mother come back to check on Zed to find that he has indeed filled up his diaper. "Oh dear! Someone really does need a change." She carries him upstairs and sets him on the table. She then proceeds to untape his dirty diaper, "My! What a smelly little boy you are." Zed really can't stop blushing now as the mother proceeds to wipe him up clean. After she's done, she balls up the used diaper and throws it away. Then she slides a fresh, clean diaper underneath, powders him all up, and tapes the new diaper up snug.

Zed thanks her, but is still embarrassed because he prefers to change himself and can't believe he actually lost control of his bowels. As soon as Zed waddled down, Nozomi informs him that Kagome has something important to say. Kagome, looking like she feels guilty now, says, "I'm sorry, I just wanted to have a little fun. I didn't mean to humiliate you or make you uncomfortable." She flies to Zed to embrace him; Nozomi crinkles loudly as she joins in. Zed smiles and hugs both of them back.

The little girl then suggests that Kagome could be like a baby doll. The thought initially scared Kagome, but then again, she needs to make it up to Zed for pranking him. So she agrees and lets the little girl put a diaper on her. All four of the kids enjoyed playing together until the mother tells them that dinner is ready. Quickly went their way to the kitchen to have dinner.

The End

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