Not Every Day

First linear story and first story with a male protagonist; though doesn't change much. A young boy, with a secret interest, meets an angel named Nozomi who shares an attire with him. And they journey together.

One day, an 8-year old boy named Zed was having a typical day at school. It was a rather boring day and all he could think about was having some fun. After a long tedious lecture, the teacher announced, "Class dismissed." The class room excitedly ran out the door to enjoy their weekend; Zed decided to go to his secret hiding place. Zed was a rather average kid whose parents have sadly passed away, but he lives with his grandmother.

As soon as Zed arrived at the woods away from the village, and found his secret tree house, he grabbed one of his secret diapers. One of his deepest secrets is that he enjoys wearing diapers despite no longer needing them since he was two. He takes off all his clothes, powders up, and tapes the diaper snug around his waste. He waddled around the tree house all by himself enjoying the thick padding and crinkly plastic backing.

Moments later, Zed saw a flash of light coming from deeper within the forest. Still in just a diaper, he quickly glanced out of the tree house and headed towards wear he saw the light. He saw a horde of goblin who appeared to be up to no good. While Zed looked tough and ready to fight, the goblins simply laughed at him for his attire. Zed blushed in humility that he was still diapered so he ran off to go look for where that light came from. The goblins followed after him.

Zed later came to a sword in a pedestal; he grabbed the hilt and pulled it out. The sword was fueled with power beyond human imagination. As soon as the goblins arrived, Zed easily slew them both. "Well done, chosen hero." A sweet sounding female voice came from behind Zed. He turned around to see an almost 8 foot tall ectomorphic angel with Emerald green hair and dressed in just a shirt and diaper behind him.

The End

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