The TitlesMature

What false titles have you clung to yourself?

Just within sight, a girl drops to her knees and sinks heavily into the snow. She looks tired, yet Masked is smiling. Then the smile begins to fade and Fake can hold it no longer. Snow had begun to fall steadily from the sky, trees creaking in the wood Lost has been wandering through for what felt like a lifetime. Darkness seemed to cloak Depression, who wrapped her arms around her in a desperate effort to shake the sadness. But without her approval tears began to pour out of Abandon’s eyes; alone as she has always been. Numb lifts her hand and feels the tears streaking down her cheeks but refuses to identify the constant pain within.

“There is no one who loves me.”

Whispers Unloved, laying on her back looking up to the sky and seeing the snowflakes fall softly over her. With a heavy sigh she sits up and looks into her lap, Fat sees that her body was bigger than it had ever been. Panic begins to feel the uneasiness come into her stomach, tears filling her eyes again.

“Who am I?”Anxiety screams to the sky scrambling for any sense of love.

“I have wandered for so long, nobody cares! Nobody sees!” Worthless raises her arms to the sky and looks about, but all she sees is darkness.

Hopeless didn’t expect a sign, but something within her longs for something she couldn’t identify. Something begs her to keep going, a phantom whispers into Alone’s head that just won’t go away. Broken has tried for so long to keep herself together, but begins to realize she has failed miserably. The cage of her mind keeps Captive in check, always dangling the thought of freedom but never showing her the way.  Dazing out but aware of a burning sensation in her chest, Exhausted becomes aware that she is no longer breathing and forces herself to suck in air.

The demons begin to surround Oppressed once again, snickering she is no longer fit for life. Failure sees her sins again, flashing before her eyes. Holding her head in her hands, Shame begans to slowly rock back and forth. She has allowed these demons in; Guilty is getting just what she deserves.

Tainted feels the sickness within her soul, knowing that the sins the demons reminds her of every night are indeed true. Victim is nothing, she has always been a victim to the people she thought loved her. But though Used did everything they told her, they still walked away. 

Who was she, but Orphan, abandon by those who should have loved her the most.  Damned once again turns her eyes to the wood, knowing nothing lay beyond. In the pit of her stomach, Emptiness feels something missing that food can not satisfy. The demons are whispering something new tonight; they are dancing around Failure’s head as if they own her.Slave is nothing, she is nothing but a tool used to other’s ambitions.

Eyes frantically surveying the land, Desperation know she can’t fight much longer. There is nothing, nothing to relieve Accursed burden. She frantically raises a knife and begins to slash at her own body, but something within Cutter whispers that won’t be enough today.

"I have gone astray, I know not what path to take next." Weak whispers, her blood covered body trembling. 

The End

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