Secret Love.Mature

Sam is quiet, clever and more than a little nerdy, with square-framed glasses and all the answers to the homework. But underneath he is seriously attractive, with thick blonde hair, a shock of which falls into his warm brown eyes, tanned skin and a wide mouth, along with a tall, slim body.
None the less, he is incredibly shocked when Jess, the most popular, most gorgeous girl in the school drags him to an empty classroom and kisses him.. Little does he know this will be the start of a thrillin

As she leans over me, her warm breath just inches from my lips, she smiles. Her cool hands are around my wrists, pinning me to the floor. Her blue eyes are gleaming, her pearly white teeth showing. Her pink tongue flicks across her lips, and she bites into her bottom lip. Her slim legs in their laddered black tights are between mine, and the hem of her short skirt is brushing against my crotch. In an instant, she closes the distance between our mouths. My eyes shut instinctively and the taste of her lip-gloss explodes in my mouth. After only a few seconds, she pulls away. 

She gets up, pulling me up with her. Looking about nervously, I realise the empty classroom she dragged me into is still empty, the door still shut. I push my glasses back up my nose and sort out my fringe. 

"You tell no-one about this, kay?" She hisses. "If you do, I'll say: ohh, he attacked me!" She continues, putting on a fake shrill voice and making her expression sorrowful. 

"B-but..?" I stammer, unsure what to say, what to do. "Why.. why did you kiss me?" 

"Because you're totally hot." She mutters, and looks away, blushing. "But you're a nerd.." 

"Will.. will I ever.. see you again?" I manage to stutter.

"Friday. My place. I'll put my address in your locker." She says firmly. "Be there. But tell no-one. No. One. Got it?" And with a smile and a flip of her hair, she picks up her bag and leaves. 

And I am left wondering what just happened, wondering whether I should go through with her.. her request... 

The End

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