I grabbed my guitar and gently set her in her case. She was a gift from Kendall, the boy that I’d be starting a band with. Although we aren’t human, humans (only the elite or those specially selected) are allowed to come to our gatherings and such. And at the last party, a music producer heard Kendall and me playing together, and said that we’d just have to come with him and we’d be famous. We both accepted immediately.

                Since we’re not humans, but rare creatures called Hashra, we’re not allowed to leave our kingdom unless we’re invited off by a human. And seeing as how Kendall and I have been here for the past one thousand six hundred years, neither of us can wait to leave.

                “Are you ready?” Kendall asks.

                I nod and grab my guitar. “Let’s go. Now. I can’t wait to leave.”

                He smiles. “Neither can I. And Sparrow already knows what we are, and he said he’d help us blend in with the humans.”

                I nod.

                “Are you two ready? It’s time to go! In the human world, time is money!” our new agent and producer, Jace Sparrow says as he pulls back the curtain that serves as my door.

                I smile and leap across the room.

                He shakes his head. “It’s going to take me some time to get used to this. So what should I know before we leave?”

                “I’m part gazelle, hence the horns and markings,” I say.

                Sparrow nods slowly. “The markings can be tattoos, and they fit with the music you guys play. And is there any way we can get rid of the horns?” he asks.

                I shake my head. “No.”

                Sparrow nods, then grabs the hat from his head and puts it on mine. “Hats are now your ‘thing.’ As a celebrity, you are always wearing a hat, no matter what.”

                I nod.

                “And what are you?” he asks Kendall.

                Kendall shakes his head. “Nothing. I wasn’t born under the Guardian of the Wild, but under the Guardian of Knowledge, so I’m just a genius.”

                Sparrow nods again, slowly. I hide a smile at the look on his face. He’s still trying to understand all of this.

                He claps his hands once. “Alright then! Well, my car is waiting outside, let’s go.”


The End

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