Chapter 21 - Back to the Same Old Routine

We waited about ten minutes, and found that Mr. Gee wasn’t going to reply, so we put our uniforms on (and it did feel good not to have to rely on my balance as I tottered around on high heels, and also to have something firmly tied to my feet that I knew wasn’t going to fall off at every chance it got.) We did a bit of running, and work out, I put a tiny bit of make-up on, and prepared to go to the WYAC.


We got there in about fifteen minutes, and then we were walking at a slow pace. We didn’t bother with rucksacks – anything that we needed, such as mobile phones, money and keys, we put in our socks. Lucky Marcus had the new uniform with the secure inside pockets, so he didn’t have to put up with a key sticking in his leg every now and again.


We went in, and it was different to how it had last been. They had painted it lime-green, and it had a bright-red vinyl flooring (which to be quite honest was probably from the constant fights breaking out when someone from the YACR happened to turn up and start something off). There were disco lights above and the bar in the corner. It still had that faint smell of tobacco from when Mr. Gee used to monitor it. He had stopped coming in when the law for no smoking in indoor public places came out. Although, you could argue that it wasn’t a public place so the ban wasn’t in order, but we did argue that with the tobacco in the air, we couldn’t have properly oxygenated lungs, which slowed our running time down... whatever. We thought about this quite a lot whenever we came in, and to be honest, with me, I hadn’t been in since I was ten. That was when I had seen my first fight here.


“‘ey! Clementine! Over ‘ere!” I heard a French accent. I whirled around, and sure enough, there was Jean-Pierre in his little shorts and pumps.

“Bonsoir J-P!” I laughed.

“I ‘ave not seen you ‘ere in a long time.” He smiled.

“Oui; I ‘ave been very busy.” I imitated his accent, just like I used to do when we were little.

“What ‘ave you been up to?” He wanted to know.

I sighed. “Nothing much – almost killed, survived, got knighted by the Queen... the usual.” I went back to my normal accent.

“Aww... I am sorry to ‘ear this. I ‘eard about your parents.” He gave me a half-hug.

“It is okay... You get used to it, you know.” I shrugged.

“And ‘oo is ziss ‘andsome devil you travel wiz?” He asked.

“Oh, il s’apelle Marcus.” I laughed.

“Never alone.” He laughed with me.

“No and neither are you! I’ve been hearing allsorts about a certain Anne-Marie.” I gave him a knowing look, and he blushed - cute.


We chatted for a bit in French, though I had to keep translating for Marcus, then we decided to get some orange juice together, and talk about what’s been going on down at HQ while we’ve been out.

I know it’s been a few days, but you never know what can happen in that amount of time. Mr. Gee could have packed up and left and we’d have had no idea. You think that story is a little far-fetched? Stranger things have happened. Trust me.


We had a bit of a dance together... I busted some moves with Anne-Marie, then with Marcus, and finally, with Jean-Pierre. I did dance a bit with some German dudes too, which was pretty funny.

It got to about 11:30pm, and we decided that seeing as we all had to go into HQ tomorrow morning, it would be a good idea to go home, and go to bed.

I had swapped mobile numbers with Jean-Pierre and Anne-Marie, and then one guy called Heinz from Germany. No, that’s not Heinz Beans, but the German name for Henry.


We were still laughing and joking when we got into the house. We got washed and changed, brushed our teeth, and went to our separate bedrooms.

I woke around 4:30am as was becoming habitual, and went in the shower. I reached for my towel and found... it wasn’t there! Where was my towel? Oh well, never mind. I probably never took it out of the drier. I reached for my clothes. They weren’t there either! I was absolutely positive that I’d brought my clothes out.

I listened carefully, to see if Marcus was awake yet. Silence. He wasn’t awake, so I could legit to my bedroom, without being seen, hopefully.

I made it, although not without falling down on the laminate floor due to my wet feet and going into the splits, then quickly picking myself up again, legged it the rest of the way, shutting the door quickly behind me, and hid behind my dressing gown.


I could hear chuckling out in the hallway. He was awake. Grrrr... Hopefully he hadn’t seen anything. Hopefully. Luck wasn’t exactly on my side though.

I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I wrapped the dressing gown tightly around myself.

“Come in!” I called, rolling my eyes.

“Are you alright?” He poked his head around my door, and then came in.

“I’m fine – did you do away with my clothes and towel?” I accused.

“No, they’re right there on the bed.” He pointed out.

“Oh, I guess I’m imagining things. You didn’t see anything did you?” I checked.

“No – I saw bare back, and then decided to look away.” He laughed, heartily.

“You’re absolutely positive?” I checked.

“Scouts honour” He smiled.

“Okay, well, go away then, let me get dried and dressed, and I’ll come downstairs and make you some breakfast.” I giggled.


He closed the door softly behind him and then I got dried and dressed. It felt nice and comfortable to be back in uniform once again.

I went downstairs, and shoved two frying pans on top of the cooker. I then proceeded to make ham and cheese omelettes for breakfast.

I had a lot of fun, making the omelettes into shapes, until I finally settled on doing a love heart, a triangle, a circle, a square and a star.

The End

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