Chapter 20 - All Change

I discovered that the teacher was actually German, and had only been in England for about a year. She was very young, and very pretty.

“Guten Tag.” I smiled at her, which meant Hello, or Good Day.

She smiled back.

“Ich bin die neue Studentin.” I informed her, which meant ‘I am the new student’.

“Und du?” She asked Marcus which meant ‘and you’.

“Ja.” I said for him, he obviously didn’t understand much German. Ja means ‘yes’.


She instructed me to sit down (nehmst du platz, bitte), then gave us some exercise books, and then called the class to order.

I really liked this teacher; she was different to the other ones. A lot more... let’s see... with it.

She’s not the sort of person that everyone messes about for... she had a firm control of the whole class, which I thought was amazing, seeing as she wasn’t English, and she was very young!


Class and school flew by, and when Dylan tried to hug me, I shook his hand, very quickly.

Dylan looked hurt, and reminded me of a puppy-dog. I linked with Marcus and we walked home.

As soon as we got in, I flung the shoes from my feet, and sighed with pleasure as the flat surface surrounded my feet.

“I’m so lucky that I’m a boy.” Marcus laughed.

“Trust me; you don’t know how lucky.” I assured him, collapsing into a kitchen chair.

“Tell me...” He began, then thought better of it, and shook his head.

“Tell you what? Spill it out Marcus.” I laughed.

“Did you enjoy yourself today?” He wondered.

“Not particularly... Why?” I asked.

“Good” Was all he answered. I wondered. I had to admit that Dylan was a pit possessive, but you should have seen Jessica! If he wants to pick fights with Dylan, he can’t possibly know my feelings about Jessica.


I made tea – beans on toast, with a side-salad. I sighed. Life was getting me down. I had to admit that life was pretty dull without a secret-agent life to excite things.

Tea didn’t take too long to make, so we sat down to eat, and then I went upstairs to the computer to check my e-mails on my laptop.

There was one from Mr. Gee that had come through a minute ago. It read:

Hi Clementine,

I hope that you are well. We all miss you back at HQ.

I must inform you of some dangers that are quite close to your home. We think you should be aware of these things at all times. There are a few people at that school of yours that work for Yorkshire Agency of Cop Recruitment. Their names are Dylan Jones and Jessica McGivney. You might have not heard of them, but anyway, you should try to find out who they are, and stay away from them where possible.

We would really appreciate it if you would come back to the agency, because you do realise that your income will stop in the next month. Please do come back. You will be welcomed back with open arms.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Gee


Oh my goodness! The these two students were our ‘buddies’. I wondered about Miss Guthrie. Could she be something?

I decided to email him back straight away.

Mr. Gee,

I will talk to Marcus about coming back... We’ll need to do some intense training.

I have actually heard of those two students. They are our ‘buddies’, and have to take us all over the place, and show us about the school, although I don’t see why, seeing as Marcus already went there.

The only reason we can’t get away from our buddies is because a) Miss Guthrie, one of the teachers there, has told them to watch our every move and things (I was wondering if she was something?) and b) they watch us like hawks. Every move in position that we make, they move so that we can’t get away.

Is there anymore trouble that we should be aware of?

Yours faithfully,



I was actually very scared, and decided to go and get another glass of water while I was waiting for Mr. Gee to email back.

I simply had to talk to Marcus about going back.

“Marcus... What would you think about going back to working for the agency?” I asked, trying to seem indifferent.

“I knew it would only be a matter of time.” He grinned.

“You knew all along?” I was stunned.

“You have grown up around the agency... You couldn’t possibly leave it. You were going to want to go back eventually. Although admittedly, I hadn’t predicted it being quite so soon” He laughed.

“How about we not go to school anymore, and we go back to the agency.” I couldn’t keep the fear out of my voice.

“Why so sudden?” He wanted to know.

“Because we’ve been hornswoggled.” I felt faint.

“By?” He was worried.

“Jessica and Dylan. They were only playing dumb.” I felt so stupid.

“I’ll ring the school. Tell them that the school wasn’t exactly what we were looking for. Back to home-studying for you.” He chuckled.

“No, I’ll join that educational group down at HQ. I’ll teach you the languages at home.” I decided.


We went back upstairs to the laptop to see what Mr. Gee had replied.


You need to get out of that school right now! That teacher is their manager in chief. A bit like I am to you, only she’s like an evil villain, and, well, I’m not.

I don’t know if you remember, you were only five at the time, but the YACR (Yorkshire Agency of Cop Recruitment) sent a load of young people into the area to spy on our agency. They not only sent young people to spy on us, but kept sending your mother and father technology with little spy-cams in them. It was a good thing your mother and father would good agents, or the YACR would be getting to know allsorts about our agency.

You have a good talk with young Marcus and let me know ASAP.

You’re both missed like crazy!

Mr. Gee


I sat down to start typing a response straight away.

Mr. Gee,

I’ve had a talk with Marcus and we’re coming back to the agency. Is there somewhere where we can chill out tonight, and talk with some of the other young ones? Like the WYAC (Worldwide Young Agents Club), if it’s still around?

Marcus is ringing up the school this minute to cancel our places there.

We’ll come in at 6:00am tomorrow morning.

Do we need to be in uniform?



It was just seconds after I had sent this that another one came through from Mr. Gee.

Clementine and Marcus,

The WYAC is still around; do you know where it is?

You didn’t give away too much information to those people from the YACR did you?

It might be a good idea to arrive in uniform – it sets a good example for the others.

You can come in at 7:00am, so that’ll give me enough time to create a meeting. I’ll expect you to sit in on that meeting. There’ll be lots of important information there that should help you with dealing with the miscreants.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Gee


Mr. Gee,

Yes we know where it is; it’s about five minutes from the station. We can easily walk there.

We didn’t give anything away, but anything that we did was triply coded so they couldn’t possibly find anything out. Don’t you worry sir, everything is under control. (I hope).

Is the meeting about the YACR? Thanks for the extended time. It’ll give us some chance to work out in the morning.

Clementine and Marcus

The End

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