Chapter 18 - Giving Up

He laughed, and we kind of ate in silence, apart from the odd gulp from Marcus, and the odd scrape of plates, then the scrape of my chair across the vinyl floor and the running of water when I washed my plate and cup in the sink, then the click-click of my new slippers on the stairs.


I sat down on my bed, and sighed; this was difficult; I didn’t want to be a secret agent anymore. I wanted to have a normal life, as a normal teenager, and I wanted to go to school like normal girls. I wanted to have a normal life.

I’d have to tell Marcus – how he’d take it, I have no idea, but it was something that I really could not keep to myself anymore.


I was about to go downstairs to tell Marcus of my testimony, but then there was a knock at my bedroom door.

“Can I come in?” He asked.

“Sure, come and sit down.” I replied and he came in, and sat next to me on the bed.

“I’m wearing a shirt.” He pointed out and laughed.

“We need to talk.” We both said together, and then laughed once (a very humourless laugh) then looked down.


“You go first.” I said.

“Okay – right. I’ve seen you, in the training, you’re fed up. That’s why I’m not going to be your responsibility anymore.” He looked at his hands when he said this.

“What? I don’t follow you.” I was confused.

“You think that I’m a waste of time.” He concluded.

“Gosh, no! No, it’s not you, it’s me. Trust me.” I pleaded.

“I’ve heard that before.” He sighed.


“No; I’m being serious. Will you listen to my thing now?” I asked, hoping that he’d see that it really was me.

“Okay.” He smirked.

“I don’t know how to put this…” I frowned.

“Yes?” He looked me in the eye, gulping.


“I can’t do the secret agent thing anymore. I want to have a normal life. Be a normal teenager, I mean. Me getting shot, then both my parents… It’s been a real wake-up call for me. I never realised how, well, just how dangerous this life was… It used to be just so normal for things to be… Now, I know how serious it is; I can’t mingle with it anymore.” I confided.


“Oh, I see…” He said.

“So, this morning, I was on the phone with Mr. Gee… I’ll keep on being your teacher, but, I’m not going to be a secret agent… just a trainer.” I sighed.

“No you’re not… going to be my teacher still, I mean.” He smirked.

“What?” I asked.

“Because I’ve just quit, now. I was on the phone to Margaret (his wife).” Marcus laughed.


We had a laugh at how coincidental things had become. Neither of us knew what the other was doing. Now that showed that he was good at being a secret agent, because I, I should have seen what he was doing… But I didn’t. I mentioned this to Marcus, and he laughed, and said was down to good teaching… But was it? I think that he, personally, was just a natural at this.


I enrolled myself and Marcus in the nearest school, and Marcus lied about his age, saying he was in my year, so that he could come to school and be in all my classes. That would make it easier – going to a new school.


It wasn’t to say that I completely stopped being a secret agent… I investigated suspicious happenings around the neighbourhood… I still used the training room regularly…

I went out and bought a whole new wardrobe-full of clothes, so that at least I’d fit in; yes, I went and bought heels, mini-dresses and mini-skirts, and fashionable clothes… And so did Marcus, which was actually pretty funny. I also bought a load of new make-up, so I could look the part…


The time for the first day of school came around quite quickly, and I found that I was dressing in a mini-dress (the school had no uniform), spiked heels, straightening my hair, and applying make-up… I looked a bit over-dressed (or under-dressed, depending on your opinion), in my opinion, but I knew that this is the type of thing that the girls that went to the school wore. I’m not an ex-secret-agent for nothing… I can still be sneaky.


Marcus was wearing a white t-shirt with an open shirt over the top, and low-slung jeans that show off your underwear, and then those trainers that tie up loosely, like those break-dancers wear.


I made French toast for breakfast, and pure mango juice (I’ve no idea why, but these two go really well for breakfast – you should try it some time).

The End

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