Chapter 16 - Supper

I then fished out the baking-trays and slid a pizza onto each one. I looked in the fridge for some peppers that I could cut up and sprinkle on the top of the pizzas, and when I found some, I diced them, and did exactly that: sprinkled them over. My Mum would have been proud.


“Now you put half a pan of water in the pan, and add the cabbage.” I instructed.

“Half the cabbage!!!” I hurried to say.

“You never said that...” He muttered.

“Well, unless you fancy eating three quarters of the cabbage, I thought it would have been slightly obvious.” I laughed.

“Clementine Geldrop” He sighed and I laughed.

“Yes? Marcus Berry.” I giggled, and put the pans on the oven and turned the rings on, then slid the pizzas into the main oven.


I put the timer on to half an hour, so that would give the cabbage and the carrots the right amount of time to soak up some of the water, and the pizza enough time to go golden.

We went into the living room, where we sat down, and watched Disney channel (what? I’m only fifteen!), and the Suite Life on Deck was on; it was the episode where they went to the Greek island and they swapped the fake amulet for the real one! We discussed how a real secret agent would handle that situation... The best answer we came up with was to be honest, and explain how it was all a mistake, and that you meant no harm.

Then the timer went, so I went to dish up supper.

“Do you need any help?” Marcus shouted from the living room.

“No thanks, I can manage!” I shouted back, smiling to myself.


I then went back in with our meals, and two banana and strawberry smoothies (I remembered that he didn’t like blueberries), and sat down to watch Wizards of Waverly Place.

"This is absolutely gorgeous!" Marcus exclaimed.

"Told you so." I gave him a knowing look.

The End

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