Chapter 12 - Killed it...

“Are you going to talk through the whole of the movie?” I laughed, changing the subject.

“You started it.” He laughed, then started tickling me.

“And you carried it on and on! You practically killed it!” I giggled, then he put his finger to his lip as in to ‘shush’ me.


We watched it (in high definition), and it was absolutely awesome! David Tennant was really good at playing his part, and Marcus could do a pretty precise impression of him that nearly made me wet myself!


We went up to run for a bit in the fitness room, and then came downstairs and had a look at the weather forecast: sunny all week – great; nice weather for pounding the streets of York… just flipping brilliant; not.


We were running out of things to do, so we thought we might go into town for a bit of shopping, and we might bump into Mum and Dad, as they were called out to somewhere in town…

I dressed in some average-teenager clothes (trainers, stylish denim crop-pants and a spaghetti strapped t-shirt), and seeing as it was hot, I even put some of those too-big-for-your-face sunglasses, and I had to admit – I did look pretty average. Which, of course, was the general idea: to give off the look that I’m average, but that’s not to say that people don’t recognize me, of course.


We were just about to step into the road to pass by a woman who was sticking her pushchair out so that nobody could pass while she was looking in a shop window, when Marcus quickly pulled me back, so I didn’t step into the path of an oncoming ambulance… I wondered where it could be going, but I had a bad feeling… I simply had to follow it.


It stopped, that I could see, just off the market square. Marcus and I ran to catch up with it, and I was horrified when we got to where it was.

I recognized the bodies that they were loading into the back… They were the bodies of victims of shootings…

They were the bodies of my parents.

My agent training wasn’t responding at that moment, and all I could think was: I’m an orphan.


“I don’t think they’ll survive this; what do you reckon Dave?” One of the ambulance men said to another.

“Nah, I’ve seen stuff like this before, though one of the times the girl did survive it; right outside Buckingham Palace it was.” The one called Dave replied.

“That’d be me.” I butted in.

“Well what do you know, its little miss invincible herself Derek!” Dave smiled, but I did not.

“Those are my parents. May I go into the ambulance and look at their injuries? I have an advanced first-aid qualification.” I tried to sound convincing, and I did have an advanced first-aid qualification.

“Sure” Derek said, looking surprised.

“And so does Jeff here, behind me.” I pointed to Marcus, who looked bemused.


I climbed up into the ambulance, and saw they weren’t even attached to a heart rate monitor – how slack could these people be?

I checked their pulses – I couldn’t find one, so I checked all the spots, and it was too late… Both of them… Dead.

The End

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