Chapter 10 - Asking Mum

Dad would though, because Dad’s got a sense of humour like that which isn’t entirely obvious to me, but you never know; it could just be a ‘guy’ thing.


“How did you manage to run the fast?” Marcus asked me, gawping at me, still running.

“Erm… I’ve got better over the years? I’m not entirely sure.” I admitted.

“Oh, by the way kids, supper’s ready.” Dad winked at me and I started giggling.

“Thanks Mr. Geldrop.” Marcus said politely.

“Please, call me Lucifer.” Dad smiled.

I got off the running machine, and switched everywhere off; we’d need to get a good night’s rest if we were going to try to persuade my Mum that I was perfectly fine to go back to work. Well, I suppose you’re wondering what ‘good nights rest’ is all about? It’s pretty simple to be quite honest – she goes to the agency very, very, VERY early in a morning. We’re talking about maybe four o’ clock in the morning type of early.


Supper was good apart from the bits that I didn’t like (if that even made any sense), and I excused myself straight after I’d eaten, so that I could go to sleep quicker, and we could get straight on with the training in the morning.


When I woke up in the morning, it wasn’t to the sound of my alarm clock – it was to being shaken by Marcus. What on earth was he doing in my room? At this hour (3:45am)? There was something wrong – I may not be a psychic, ahem, ahem, (we’ll talk about that later) but I knew that he wouldn’t disturb my sleep unless it was extremely important because of me supposed to be getting loads of rest so I would be better and could go back to work quicker.

“Your Mum’s having breakfast downstairs.” Marcus whispered, grinning slightly.

“Yes – and?” I whispered back, slightly groggily.

“The whole ‘persuade Genevieve’ thing?” He prompted, not even bothering to hide his grin.

“Ah… Ok, action stations!”  I whispered with mock-enthusiasm.

I swung my legs over the side of the bed, and climbed out. I switched my light on, and saw that Marcus was wearing nothing but tracksuit-bottoms as his pyjamas… It must be my age… I’ve never noticed these things before…


I sent him out to go and get dressed, and then got dressed myself, brushed my hair, and put a little bit of make-up on… I am fifteen… I’d have put make-up on anyway, so you needn’t bother thinking ‘she’s trying to impress him’.

We went down to my Mum looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and instantly, Mum was suspicious. The only trouble with having super-spy parents…


“Mummy…?” I started, looking all sweet and innocent.

“What do you want, and how much is it going to cost me?” She asked, and I giggled.

“I was wondering if I was allowed to go back to work…” I asked, innocently.

“Fine, but if you get shot again, I’m not coming looking for you… again.” She warned me.

“Thank you, Mummy!” I squealed, and kissed her on the cheek.

I went back upstairs, past Marcus who was spying, sneakily on the stairway.

“Oh, and Marcus, try to hide better next time.” Mum winked, and he flushed scarlet, then followed me up the stairs, into the training room.


He looked at me as if to say: ‘huh?!’, which was incredibly cute, and had me laughing at his expression.

“She’s a super-spy, mate.” I rolled my eyes, as if to make it obvious. “Nobody is as good as her, apart from perhaps, my Dad.”

He seemed to cheer up at this knowledge, but I warned him to still try to find hiding places where your whole body is concealed, and not in any way vulnerable to ‘open-fire’.

“Trust me; I should know.” I winked at him, I started swinging my legs on the rest-bench, and he joined me.

“So, back to work tomorrow?” He asked, casually.

“I’m working from here – training you. I’ll still get paid for it, and then, ooh, being knitted; that’s something different.” I shrugged, and he laughed.


We decided to take it easy today, and work twice as hard tomorrow, because we needed to get some time to know each other, so we could work together more efficiently or some rubbish like that – me, I just wanted to spend time with him…

The End

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