Chapter 8 - A New Face

Mr. Gee was by the big screens and was just replaying (again) the scene where I was shot, trying to find how I managed to keep on with the case until it was fully completed, probably.

“Okay – how did you do it?” He wanted to know.

“Erm… Determination, I think. I’m not sure – I just knew that something had to be done, and I didn’t want him to turn on any of the general public, over a grudge that he held against me, and the rest of us.” I shrugged.

“Well, anyhow, welcome back!” He exclaimed, and everyone clapped, which sent me bright red – I wasn’t used to being in the spotlight.

“Erm… thanks everyone…” I muttered, smiling slightly.

“Alright, come with me – I want you to give me your opinion on something for me.” He grinned at me, and I followed him down a corridor labelled ‘Authorised Personnel Only’.

At the end of the corridor, was his office, of which I had been into all of once, when we first met; I was about five years old at the time, because school had just broken up, and Mum couldn’t find any babysitters… it had been Christmas Eve.


In Mr. Gee’s office, there was a teenage boy, that looked not much older than me, slouched in the chair opposite Mr. Gee’s desk, looking obviously like he had been waiting there for at least half-an-hour, as his head was drooping slightly, and he looked like he might fall asleep at any time.


“Right then, Marcus; sorry to keep you waiting” Mr. Gee apologized.

“That’s okay sir, I wasn’t waiting too long.” Marcus replied, his mouth twitching as if he wanted to grin, sheepishly. His eyes swivelled towards me, and I just thought to myself ‘those are nice eyes’… mind you, I could hardly complain about the rest of him… Focus, Clementine, focus.

“Is this her, then?” Marcus asked.

“That depends on what you’re talking about.” I grinned at him.

“The invincible one” He beamed, and he has gorgeous teeth!

“Yeah, that’s me.” I winked.


Mr. Gee was pleased that we were getting along so well, for some reason, this made me agitated.

“Calm down…” Marcus was saying slowly to me, as if afraid that I was going to blow up if I got too mad.

“She’s been in the business for a while now, so the tiniest things, she notices – that’ll happen to you after about three years too…” Mr. Gee explained.

“What was she noticing?” Marcus was intrigued.

“My change in mood” Mr. Gee grinned to himself, and I controlled my fidgeting – Mr. Gee was in a good mood, so that meant that everything was okay.


“Are you going to tell me what you wanted my opinion on?” I wondered aloud.

“Yeah” He grinned. “I want you to train young Marcus up; your little stunt outside Buckingham Palace interested him. He wants to do what you are doing.” Mr. Gee explained, and I sighed deeply, running my hand through my hair. Marcus was such a, well, boy. Anything dangerous…

“You’ve no idea what you’re getting yourself into.” I warned Marcus.

“Are you saying that I won’t be able to handle it?” Marcus half-growled.

“How fast can you run?” I asked him, not answering his question – because I knew that someone as new to this as Marcus would not be able to handle it.


I questioned him on his abilities, and he answered me, and things got less and less civil, until eventually, Mr. Gee had to step in, and ask me what I thought of it.

“It’s the worst idea that you’ve ever had.” I told him, and then grinned. “I’ll do it.”

Marcus looked more confused than ever, but I was revelling in the fact that Mr. Gee thinks that I’m more than capable of it, and it might give me a chance to have some fun… when I’m not saving Marcus’s butt…


“He’ll need somewhere to stay.” Mr. Gee told me.

“So, book him into a hotel…” I said, as if the answer was simple.

“Well, I’ve had a word with your Mother…” Mr. Gee trailed off.

Of course, now everything clicks! That’s what Mum was doing in the spare room… I’d wanted to ask her about that, but thought she would probably just be doing some cleaning – the idea that somebody was coming to stay never occurred to me… and sometimes I wonder why I’m a good secret agent… I can be so, well, blonde sometimes.

The End

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