Chapter 7 - Going Out

The week passed in practically no time at all, and I soon found that Mum and Dad were home, and I hugged them and told them that I had missed them.

I had two months to wait until the knighting, which I had no idea what I was going to wear – maybe a trouser suit; I never wear dresses.


I have a smart trouser suit in my wardrobe, and I can borrow some of my Mum’s heels, seeing as we’re the same size and everything.

What I will do in the mean-time, I have no idea. I might stop at HQ to pay them a surprise visit, and to beg them to let me on a case – maybe just a non-dangerous case, like what I used to do when I was twelve…


Staying at home and not sprinting half-way across the country bored me, and truth-be-told, I enjoyed the adrenaline of danger, and the thrills that it brings.

I always had been a crazy-mixed-up-kid; even my Uncle Benjamin had said so, before he went sky-diving, and forgot to attach the parachute…


“Mum, I’m off to HQ.” I told her, grabbing my rucksack.

“Why, dear?” She had asked, as if I had just told her that I was going to jump off a building.

“Because I’m bored, and I need to pick up my next mission, or something. Maybe even just to say ‘hi’.” I told her, honestly.

“But you can do all that from the computer, here at home.” She pointed out.

“Please, Mum?” I asked, turning my puppy-dog-eyes on her.

“Fine, but be back before dark!” She raised her eyebrows at me.

“I will Mum – if not, I’ll text you to tell you how far from home I am, and when I’ll probably be back.” I rolled my eyes at her.

“Good girl.” She smiled, and kissed my forehead. “Have fun!”


I then walked out the door, and down the street. I phoned Mr. Gee so that he’d know I was coming, and then caught a cab to just down the road from where HQ was.

I paid the cab-driver, and then walked towards the gutter.

I checked that nobody was looking, slid the grate off, dangled my legs over the edge, held the grate above my head, and then jumped down, so that the grate slid neatly back into place, and nobody would ever notice.


I missed the whoosh of the wind on my curly blonde hair, and the adrenaline pulsing through my veins at the almost-vertical drop.

I walked through to what looked like the reception, and then told Amy (the receptionist) that I was here, so she could sign me in.

The End

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