Chapter 4 - The Shooting

I caught up with him when we were just outside Buckingham Palace, and that was when I seized him by the arm.

“I underestimated you; you’re fast.” He sounded impressed.

“Yeah, that’s what they tell me.” I rolled my eyes, sighing, and he tried to get away, but my grip was like an iron clasp on his arm, and he just winced with the effort.

“Strong too…” He muttered.

“You need to be both fast and strong and as far away from sentimental as you can get with a job like mine.” I informed him.


“Okay, enough chit-chat. Hand over your weapons.” I held out my hand.

I relaxed my grip on his arm so that he could root around in his bag for his weapon(s); who knows how many he has. Rumour has it that he just carries one highly-dangerous gun.

No sooner had I relaxed my grip on him, than he had leaped away from me, and was clinging to Buckingham Palace gates. He was going to make a scene of this, and I was supposed to try to stop him…


He was pointing the gun at me, and warning everyone to stay back or he’d shoot – but I knew that he’d shoot anyway, just for the fun of it.

“Now, now, Christian… Put the gun down… We don’t want anyone to get hurt…” He let out a sneer at my words “We don’t want to frighten the public…”

I think that I was trying to soothe myself more than calm him down, but it seemed to have started working…

He lowered the gun, and said “you’re probably right.”

He jumped down from the gates, and then, before you could blink, he shot.

I felt the blow go straight to my chest, but I didn’t let it stop me. He was laughing so hard that he didn’t notice me seize the gun out of his hand, check how many bullets left (just the one) and then I shot. Straight to his temple – he wouldn’t have a fighting chance.


I knew that it was probably too late for myself, but I was proud to have accomplished my mission, even if it was my last…

In the distance, I could hear someone pushing through the crowd, shouting my name, and I could hear the crowd creeping closer to get a closer peek.

I could vaguely feel myself being lifted, and I could hear ambulance sirens, and someone muttering into their phone, but what was more prominent in my vision, and mind, was the creeping blackness, threatening to take me with it as it disappeared.


The End

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