Secret Admirer.Mature


I am sitting at the back of the class when she walks in, alone for once. A few flakes of the heavy snow that is falling outside are in her hair, on her clothes. I long to brush the snow out of her thick fringe, her long, dead-straight blonde locks, today twisted back into a bun. But I look away for one second and Jared Keating, her boyfriend, is there doing it for me. Finished, he curls his arms about her waist and kisses her cheek. She leans back in his arms, arching her neck, smiling. He takes the opportunity to kiss her neck, making her giggle, and tighten her arms around his neck. She leans in and-

I look away, unable to stomach seeing the girl of my dreams kissing another guy. Deep down, I knew I would never get her, but would it kill me to dream? No. I have known her since I was a little boy. Our mothers went to ante-natal classes together and we were both born in the space of three days. As kids, we had played together, hugged, not gone a day without seeing each other. We used to tell everyone that we would get married when we were older. But when we hit high school, everything changed. She was the pretty, popular, cheerleader girl, and I was the tall, lean and geekish guy with the thick, square-rimmed glasses. 

And now, here I was, admiring from a distance, her forgotten best friend... 


The End

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