Patience is a VirtueMature

   It's very late, and he was walking home from the pub. He was the only one about; no cars, no sign of breathing life anywhere except for back inside.

   He was passing an alleyway when he saw a young woman and a slightly older man. Their talking ceased as they noticed him walking by, and out of curiosity, he stopped when he was no longer in sight but still in hearing range.

   "We were supposed to meet Sunday night." the woman spat venomously.

   "Yes, well, as I understand, you have my ring early. So I thought I would stop in town and pick it up," the man explained smoothly, clearly unruffled by rudeness.

    "Before I give it to you, you promised me something. Where is it?"

   "My dear Novella. Patience is a virtue in this chaotic world," the man said.

   "Ambrogio, I thought you knew me well enough to know that patience isn't a possession of mine," Novella said. It sounded as if she had an accent now... Italian?

   "You do remember who you are talking to, now, don't you?" Ambrogio said, an equal accent appearing in his voice as well.

   A loud noise that sounded as if he had smacked her rang through out the night.

   He could no longer hide behind the alley wall.

   "Hey! Leave her alone!" he said, stepping forward.

   "And who do you think you are?" Ambrogio asked menacingly.

   "The name's Alex. And who do you think you are to be abusing a lady?" Alex shot back equally cruel.

   Ambrogio scoffed and spit at Alex's feet.

   "You are a fool. You may have well as just jumped off a building right now. Either way, you're going to be dead."

   "Ambrogio! He has done nothing wrong. You don't need to kill him for trying to protect a stranger such as myself." Novella said, almost hissing.

   "Stepping up for the little man, are you? This is a new side I've never seen of you before, Novella. Pity... I don't like it," Ambrogio hissed back.

   "The deal is off. You can forget about the ring. Find someone else to get it from," Novella spat. Turning to walk away from the man, her steps were filled with sickening grace.

   Alex followed Novella, planning on asking to be sure she was alright.

   "You need to get out of here. Now. Thank you for your attempts at chivalry, but it was wasted. I can handle myself, thank you. You were foolish to do that. You could have gotten yourself killed."

    "I was just trying to make sure you were al--"

   "Go home, Alex!" she shouted, cutting him off.

   Novella turned around only to practically run into Ambrogio.

   "When I make a deal, it doesn't end until both ends are held up. I don't care what has to be done, you will give me that ring," He hissed. His eyes glowed a burning red.

   "Go home, Alex. I can take care of myself," Novella spat, jutting her chin out defiantly.

   "You're not going anywhere. You've already gotten yourself too deep in this," Ambrogio hissed, a cruel smile spreading across his lips.

   "Hey, man, I don't know anything. I don't want any trouble," Alex stammered, backing away slowly.

The End

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