Friday night came quickly. Hidden in a corner on the roof, concealed by shadows, Novella waited impatiently for Mike. On the steps within, she could hear the nervous and clumsy footsteps of Mike. He had better have this ring, she thought maliciously.

   "Novella?" Mike asked hesitantly after emerging through the door. Novella waited a moment before moving to stand just behind him.

   "Where's my ring?" she asked menacingly. He gave a start and whirled around to see Novella only inches away from his face.

   "Can I ask what it's for?" he said, taking a small white box out of his pocket.

   "No. Now give it to me. I held up my end of the bargain, and you will hold up your end," she threatened.

   He handed the box over to her, and she ripped it out of his fingers before he could exhale. She opened the lid just to be sure it was really there.

   "Good. Thank you, Mikey. I can't exactly say it's been a pleasure. Farewell," she said. And with that, she went to the edge of the roof top and jumped.

   She landed the sixty-foot drop as gracefully as if she'd merely jumped on level ground. For any human, the drop would have been fatal. But for a vampire, with only a simple twist of the feet to make sure they land gracefully, the jump isn't anything.

   Novella turned and walked away into the night, into the shadows. That's where she belonged, and that's where she felt most comfortable.

The End

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