Mythical, or is it?

Mythical creatures are not all bad. In fact, they are what keeps the Human World rolling on its axis. Who do you think changes the seasons? It is not the rotation of the Earth, I can tell you that. And why does the ocean wave, to and fro? The moon has nothing to do  with it. Before my supernatural encounter with this new world, I would have had perfect answers to all of these questions. Scientific answers, even. I would have answered the same as you. But sometimes, there are not meant to be answers. Some things are better left unresolved.

The first day in a new school is always tough. Anyone who has ever experienced it would agree. How do you open your locker, where is homeroom, first period, second, and so on. Where is the handle for the toilet, why can't I walk up these stairs, why don't the teachers teach anything? This is what went through my mind on my first day at Bridgemountain Middle School. And on top of all that, I was joining this school in the worst year, 8th Grade. In this ever so important year, friendships are secured, relationships are formed, and new girls are definitely NOT acceptable. So I was, basically, thrown in the junk pile.


The End

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