Escape from town

With Kate gone, Archie's mood swung between elation, and morose. He hated the fact that he'd killed a man, but felt jubilant that it had not been him killed. He had to get out of here, and he had to do it fast.

He opened Doc Holiday's case and removed the pistols. He stuck one in his waistband a placed the other in his valise. The Derringer he put in his coat pocket. A racket ensued outside. He cracked the shutters, and looked out. There were three men approaching the train with sheriff's stars on their chests. 

Archie scooped up his valise, leaving Kate's, and hustled out the door. He moved toward the front of the train, away from the deputies. At the second coupling he leaned out to see the men enter the train. He quickly climbed down the three iron steps and leaped to the ground. He looked up and down the length of the train. Up ahead was an engineer bent into the train, but no one else.

Archie crunched through the railroad sediment, and headed for an alley between two low roofed buildings. They turned out to be unused animal pens. Archie, slowly and carefully worked his way out of town. 

The End

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