The Accident

Holliday I heerd about shootin’ a nigra at some dental school back east?”
Archie accepted a chroot and lit it up. Blowing out a blue stream of smoke he said, “Yes, sir. That was me. You have to keep those nigra’s in line, if you know what I mean.” Kate pinched his shoulder and he shook her off.

The next hand Archie won with three fives, then won again with two pairs. One player dropped out and Kate sat in his chair as an observer.
Arnold was getting obnoxious. He was drinking faster and slamming his cards on the table when he lost. Archie was glad that he was carrying Doc Hollidays Derringer in his belt.

It came to a head when Arnold lost his last dollar. He leaped to his feet, throwing the chair into the middle of the saloon. He called Arnie a cheat.
Arnie, shaking like a leaf, slowly withdrew the Derringer from his belt and held it in his lap. The other players moved away from the table, leaving those two to face each other alone.
Arnold shouted, “We don’t need no cheats in our town!” He drew his gun. As he drew he bumped into the table driving it back into Archie, the collision of the table against Archie’s arm caused his thumb to slip off the hammer of the Derringer. Both barrels fired from under the table striking Arnold in the groin.

Archie leaped to his feet still holding the smoking gun. Kate grabbed him by the arm yanking him toward the door. He scooped up the gun case and followed her outside. Once outside they ran toward the idling train. Town’s folk were rushing toward the saloon, after hearing of a gun fight.

A block away from the train they slowed to a walk. Kate was the first to speak, “Archibald, why did you shoot him?”
“It was an accident. My thumb slipped off the hammer. God knows, I didn’t mean it. Lets go back.”
Kate said, “Are you crazy. He was a townee. They stick together. Lets go back to our compartment, maybe we’ll be safe there.” She struck off on her own, and reluctantly he followed.

By the time they reached the railroad platform people were talking

The End

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