Chapter 3: Water To Wine

Jonathan found an empty table next the window, it was faw away from any people who he thought would recognise Jesus. instead they seemed to ignore his pressence. 'what will you have' said the man. 'erm i'll have a pint please if thats okay' replied joseph still confused as to why he was lead here. 'yeah thats fine' said the man 'i'll bring it to you in a sec'. Jonathan sat there quietly trying to avoid eye contact with anyone in the pub, as he didnt want anyone to ask about Jesus.

The man returned with a pint of premiuim larger and a glass of water. on of Jonathan's favourite stories from the bible had been how Jesus managed to turn water into wine. 'can't you turn that water into wine' asked jonathan. 'i dont know can i' replied the man. 'well that book said you can' explained Jonathan with a sense of excitment 'and didn't you also feed 5000 people'. 'why are you hungry' asked the man. 'err yeah actually im starving' replied Jonathan as his belly rumbled. 'then what is it you want?' asked the man. 'can i get some salt an vinegar crisps please' answered Jonatahn as if he was buying something from a shop. the man immediatly got up and dissapeared to the bar.

By now Jonathan had forgotten about his friend, he had never felt more alive than he did, but at the same time wandered if he was dreaming. The man replied with Jonathan's packet or salt and vinegar crisps, still with no emotion on his face. 'hey' said the man ' i heard you like football aren't rumshackle rovers playing today'.

The End

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