Chapter 2: Second Coming

the village had recently beeen hit by a flood and the bridge crossing the river had been destroyed. the only other route around the village was a mile long, but Jonathan was feeling lucky so he decided to cross the boardered off bridge. he made it over safely and the police seemed to ignore him. he walked through the village with a smile on his face, 'could this day get any better' he said to himself. he smiled and greeted the people of the village who didnt say anything back. he thought this was due to him being a tramp.

he knew he was in the right village however, he didnt know where his friends house actually was and no matter who he asked for directions, no one would reply to him. he then reached a man who at first he thought was a tramp like himself. this guy was wearing white rhobes and had long brown locks. but jonathan paused for a second, he recognised this face from somewhere. then it came to him. 'hey you' stuttered Jonathan 'arent you J, Jesus'. 'well' replied the man ' you seem to know so much about me and i know so little about you'. 'yeah!' said Jonathan 'you've always been my saviour, you've always been there for me when i've been feeling down'. 'well i feel honoured' replied the man 'what is your name?' 'well i am jonathan, and i feel honoured to meet you, but i was wandering do you know where chicken hatch lane is' said jonathan. 'no i dont' replied the man 'but i can help you find it'. 'oh wow', said jonathan with a sense of joyfulness on his face 'that would be amazing'. 'okay well follow me' replied the expressionless man.

they walked for a while and Jonathan was simply to shocked to start a conversation with teh man. eventually they reached an old pub called the kings goat, with a sense of bemusement jonathan said 'whats this'. 'drinks are on me' replied the man.

The End

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