Second Coming (Chapter 1: Lucky Day)

Jonathan never really did sleep well, insomnia was something that infected his mind and after the arguement when the nights started to get coolder and his hair got wetter his sleeping problems became worse. a few weeks ago he had, had an arguement with his girlfriend and with no family to run to he was left on the streets. jonathan was an orphan as a child, he had learned to be independent and to survive on his own. he also wasn't very intelligent because of lack of education and had no source of income. the little money he had made was through begging in the town centre he as born. despite his lack of education, jonathan was kept going by his passion for religion, he went to church as a boy and was fasinated by the stories from the bible.

he woke up from another cold wet night, only today was a good day, he finally had the chance to forget his greif. he had managed to check his emails from one of the shelters, most of it was spam, however tehre was one which cought his eye, an email from an old freind, who grew up with him in his orphanage. he was about to move house and had asked jonathan to help him move. 'house' thought jonathan whilst reading the email 'theres a word i ahvent heard in a while'. his freind offered him £60 and to stay the night. the money meant nothing to him, however he couldn't possibly turn down a comfortable of nights sleep.

he had decided to use the little money he had made from begging to get the bus to his friends village. it was a little too far to walk and he didnt want to arrive late.  he got to the station and found a £1 coin sitting on a seat under the bus shelter, he couldn't resist taking it, so he picked it up and placed it in his pocket. it was a bank holiday and there where little buses running to the village, but to his suprise the bus was free because of this. he sat in the second row and as he placed his bottom firmly on the comfortable seat, he said to himself 'it must be my lucky day'. people sat at least two seats away from him as if to avoid his bad smell, yet they starred at him as if he were a ghost. the bus was warm, and full of old people and he didnt mind them starring as he was used to it. the journey took an hour but suprisingly arrived at the destination on time, jonathan then got of the bus and looked over at a wrecked village.

The End

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