Second Chances

What if you wished for a a second chance at life, and your wish came true?
That's exactly what happened to single mom of three, Desiree Knightley, when she prayed that she could start all over. And that's exactly what she got. A chance to change everything. But when she realizes that it's not what she wants, can she get her old life back?

"Mom, where's my backpack?" Jayden shouted from the other end of their townhouse. "I don't know, Jayden. It's not my backpack!" Desiree shouted back, while struggling to apply mascara and comfort her four year old, Kassidy, over the loss of her favorite doll. "Mommy, what if she's gone for forver?" She whined, tugging on her mother's shirt.

"Kassidy, honey, Rosie'll turn up. You just have to keep an eye out for her, and have patience. Now, Mommy has to get ready, and so do you. So can you go put your jacket and your shoes on?" Desiree looked down at her daughter, blinking rapidly so that her mascara would dry.

"But I can't zip up my jacket by myself. It gets stuck!"

"Then have Jayden or Olivia help you. Go on." Kassidy stumbled out the door, calling for her sibling's help.

Desiree sighed, and straightened out the wrinkles in her maroon turtleneck sweater. She fixed her hair, then looked at herself in the mirror one more time before heading out of the bathroom. And as soon as she stepped out, all three of her kids ran towards her, mauling her with 'Mom!'s'.

"Mommy, they won't help me!" "Mom, Jayden made a huge mess on the table with his toys, and he won't clean it up!" "Mom, Olivia's bossing me around! Tell her to stop!" "Mommy, Jayden yelled at me!" "Mom, Olivia said a bad word!" "Mom, you have to sign this, it's for a field trip. I also need fifteen dollars for it." "Mom, why aren't you listening to me?"

"Stop it! Everyone, just- stop!" Desiree's voice bounced off of the walls while she made sharp sweeping motions with her arms. All of her children went silent.

Desiree knelt forward so that she was eye level with Kassidy, and zipped up her spring coat. She kissed her forehead, then stood up to her full height of 5'3". "Okay, Jayden- what's this about a field trip?" Jayden handed her a green slip. "And why didn't I get this sooner?" She scanned the paper, then stared into Jayden's blue eyes. He shrugged.

"Jayden, you know well enough that when you get papers that are for me, you give them to me the day you get them." She signed the paper and took fifteen dollars out of her wallet, then folded the money into the paper. "Next time this happens, you won't be going. Understood?" Jayden nodded and took the paper and money, and shoved them in his pocket.

"Okay, Olivia, what do you need?" Olivia put her hands on her hips. "Jayden had cereal for breakfast, and he spilled milk all over the table, and he won't clean it up!"

"Okay, first of all, you're not his mother. You do not need to tell him what to do. And, Jayden- if you made a mess, you clean it up. So go do that right now." Desiree sent Jayden off into the kitchen to get a wet rag and wipe up the spill. Suddenly, a loud horn went off from outside.

"Olivia, Jayden, that's the bus!" They ran towards their mother, and took brown bag lunches and a kiss on the forehead from her, then went out the door. Desiree watched the bus leave, then turned towards Kassidy. "Okay, Kass. Let's get you to preschool."

"But I don't wanna go!" She screamed. "Well, that's too bad, because you are. C'mon." She grabbed her crying Kassidy and bounced her on her hip. "Honey, you'll get to see your friends, and you get to learn about new things! Why wouldn't you want to go?"

Kassidy sniffled. "I wanna stay with you, Mommy." Desiree sighed, and pulled open the door to her black Nissan Verasa, and strapped Kassidy into her carseat. "You'll see me after preschool, Kass." She shut the door and got into the drivers seat. She put the keys in and backed out of her driveway, then drove to Kassidy's preschool building. She brought her inside, then got back in her car and drove to work.

She turned right, and got stuck in rush hour traffic. She slammed her fist into the headboard. "Damn traffic.." Her phone started to vibrate, and when she glanced at the screen to see who was calling, it read, 'Samson Oswald'.

"God." She held her phone up to her ear and pressed the green button.


"Hey, Desi, it's Sam."

"Don't call me Desi." Desiree snapped.

"'Kay, jeez. Anyways, I was wondering if I could have Jayden over on Friday."

"No, Samson. That's not in the custody agreement. We agreed to switch off every two weeks, on Sunday at twelve in the afternoon. I just got the kids back yesterday. I still have my two weeks with them."

"Damnit, Desiree! I know what's in the agreement- I was there when it was made, too! I was just asking if I could have him over for a little bit after school on Friday."

"Hm, let me think about it... no!" Desiree hung up, and slammed her phone down. Traffic was moving, and if she got lucky, she could get to work early.

Sam tried calling again, but she put her phone on silent and left it alone. He wasn't getting Jayden on Friday, or anyday until it was his turn. And that was final.

She pulled into the parking lot of the town hospital, and parked near the entrance.


The End

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