Second Chances

It was so cold.
Emma Colton’s mind was in a haze as she stared into the light. The pain had finally subsided. But she was so tired. She rubbed at her forehead, and her hand came back slick and crimson.
Voices rang in the back of her mind.
She’s fading. Give her a 1mg epinephrine drip and charge defib to 200 Joules
Her vision went white, and before her stood a creature so beautiful, she could not have been human. Her golden locks were strands of silk limply drooped over slender shoulders. Her skin was translucent silver. A genuine, tender visage with eyes of summer twilight looked on Emma. The creature smiled.
“It is not, yet, your time Emma. You must go back,” the voice was like Beethoven’s Fur Elise.
Emma’s eyes filled with tears. Her heart soared with peace, “But I don’t want to go back.” she found herself saying.
The creature shook her head once, “Not yet. We will be here when the time comes,”
Relunctantly, tearfully, Emma nodded.
The shock.
Emma gasped and then cried.
She was alive.

The End

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