Second Chance

  Gasp. Reach. Sink further.

  It was an infinite cycle. Fingers brushed emptiness, curling back towards the hand once realizing there was nothing to grasp at. The longer time passed, the more the body sunk. Cries were attempted only to be muffled by the unbreakable walls of aqua. Problem upon problem piled on top of one another as the dreaded seconds waged. Water began to fill the struggling lungs, taking the place of the air that escaped between the blue, trembling lips.

  Gasp. Reach. Sink further.

  Panic finally process through the brain, taking a tragic effect. Both the legs and arms started to flail, pushing back the ocean in an attempt to emerge at the top. The result was worse than a failure, taking the opposite effect.

  Gasp. Reach. Sink further.

  Then there was a burst of light, blinding the drowning man for a lasting moment. The bottom half of his body stopped falling, colliding with a cold, steady ground. He gradually opened his eyes, squinting against the brightness to make out where he was. 

  It wasn't the ominous, sandy floor of the ocean like he'd expected. It was something like a boxed prison, trapping him from every side with no apparent means of escape. 

  As he sat there, he felt nothing.

  No fear. No bewilderment. No heart beat.

  A voice - authoritative yet gentle - pierced through attentive ear with the words, "You are dead." Every emotion hit him at once, and he began to tremble. There was a desire to deny it, but no words would come out; only a croak.

  "Don't panic. I am giving you a second chance to live. However, this will be a completely different life, with no recollection of the previous one. It will be of a different world and time. Here, you have another name, which you will recieve from me. Now, before we depart, do you have any questions?"

  Still trying to process everything, the man stuttered, "I-it's not as if I'll remember any of the answers."

  A chuckle rang out. "Wise guy. Now be gone!"

  His head spun right after the sentence was finished. Everything in his mind was a jumble. Every memory started to fade, including the previous conversation. That is, except one thing.

  The voice. An important statement. Augustine.

  "Your name is Augustine."


The End

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