Second best

My friend Liz does everything well. No matter what she does, she can always get complements on how talented she is at it. I'm not kidding.  She has a ninety something average to begin with, and she doesn't even pay attention in class or hand things in on time yet somehow her grades never slip. In drumline, she's managed to learn snare parts after playing drums for only a few months, and is expected to become part of the snare line by next year. Liz is third in command for tech crew (and will jump to first next year) on honer role, stage manager for arts night, and one of the schools top artists. She gets specially chosen to write letters to important people on behalf of the student body, and is a shoe in for success in anything she does. 

Me on the other hand, I'm failing three out of four of my classes. 

It's not because I'm stupid, it's just circumstantial issues that are a problem. In math there's a huge issue with the teacher which makes it hard for me to do even moderately well in the class, and in religion I'm just behind. Science I will admit I'm having trouble in, but it's only one unit. Nobody will ever notice that my mark in the class that I'm not failing is somewhere from ninety seven or ninety nine percent. Nobody will ever notice my writing. Nobody will notice that I've written a one act play. Nobody will ever notice that I've played violin for over ten years. Nobody will notice that snare part that I've learned. Nobody will notice my drawings. Nobody will notice the work that I do in the tech studio. Why? Because Liz is always doing so much better at what ever I do. No matter how well I do at something, Liz will always be better at it. I'm so sick of it. All anybody ever talks about when they're around me is how great Liz is, how smart she is, how talented she is. My guy friends are always talking about how pretty she is and how funny she is and how they'd love to be with her (not to mention that they're always saying that she has a better figure which I really hate). My friends are always talking about what a great actor she is and what great films she makes. 

I know I sound self centered and envious, and I shouldn't even express my frustration but I'm just sick and tired of it. I'm so tired of people acting as if nothing I can do can measure up to what Liz does and I'm I've had it with people acting like I'm stupid because what she does is always better. I hate being called Liz's less desirable other half. 

The End

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