Scanning for DinnerMature

Daniel Ezio Night

‘The dragon's lair'. Well that sounded promising; by all accounts it was a lair. I heard about this place before and wanted to check it out for myself, see if the rumours where true. As it turns out there were. It was jammed pack with beautiful smelling humans. And I was hungry. I didn't come alone, not that I could avoid it given my family title. But I didn't mind, we all wanted to come and see what was up for grabs. We weren't disappointed.

"We've seriously got to thank Lankford for telling us about this place." Blake told me taking a slip of his red wine. Looking at the glass of wine I pulled a face, don't get me wrong I didn't mind it but I'll rather have a bottle of beer.

"O'yer that won't get us into trouble." I commented as we went over to the others who found a table not far from the door.  

"Come Dan, you not getting into trouble ha! Like when does not happen?" Rosedale said sarcastically rolling her bright green eyes at me.

"Good point Rose, when isn't he in trouble?" Tyrone added.

"Face it Dan trouble follows you around, or you just make trouble." Blake added to.

"Ok but not always." I said finally just to shut them up.

"Ooo he's nice hmm." I scanned the club then seeing who had caught Rosedale eye.

"Rose ready for her snack now"? Tyrone asked running his hand down the back of her scarlet dress.      

"Yes she has and is going for the take away now." She stood up pushing her chair in. "I won't be long boys." She winked and smiled showing her fangs then went off in the club.

"So do you boys see anything nice in here?" Blake said after he too scanned the club.

"The red head over there looks sweet; also the blond by the DJ a beauty and even the short black hair that works here is looking very tasty." Tyrone replied.

"What is it with you a girl's with black hair, huh? Or are you picturing Rosedale when you bite them?" Questioned Blake smiling.

"Whatever, what about you Blake you seen anyone?" Tyrone replied turning the conversation around.

"The curly brunette sitting by the window looking a little lost, I might go over there and help her out." Blake pointed over to the curly haired girl. "Anyone caught your eye Dan?"

"Keeping my options open." I told them sighing looking at the girls in the club. I wasn't too bothered what human I got, but a woman would be nice. They had what I wanted.

"Daniel!" Rosedale voice shouted in my head she was calling me. "Daniel."  Something was wrong with Rosedale and it was very uncommon for her to call me in my head. I could hear the urgency in her voice, looking round I saw that Tyrone was with the blond girl and Blake was dancing with the curly brunette. Great. Thanks guys.

"Where are you Rosedale?" I called to her in my head.

"Back alley, hurry your little Black rose butt up!"

"What's the problem?" Blake was suddenly standing next to me.

"Rosedale, thought you was busy?"

"Ugh she was a werewolf; you know I personally can't stand them." Hearing the hatred in his voice we both walked out into the night and headed to the back alley.  




The End

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