Secert World of the NightMature

Veronica Starlight-Princess (Goodie) Starlight vampire
Daniel Ezio Night-Prince (Baddie) Black rose vampire



Veronica Starlight

I was waiting all night, just watching and waiting for them to come in. They always came here, easy pickings. It was packed in the club, the rhythm of the music travelled around your body and the lights were focused on the dance floor where everyone dances close together. No one paid any attention to me as I sat in the corner of the club; the darkness covered me just how I liked it.

I took a slip of my red wine that I ordered, the wine wouldn't affect my body or weaken my senses and for that I was glad. I had to blend in act like human with wasn't too hard, I had grown up around humans my whole life, so this was a piece of cake.

Then finally they came. They were easy to spot when you knew what to look for. Even in this light my eyes could detect the cold evil hunger look in their eyes as they surveyed the room for their prey. There skin ghostly white against their dark clothing, bodies strong and tall were ready for action at a moment notice. They were Black rose vampires. Don't let there name fool you, they are the most deadly vampires of our kind.

Black rose vampires kill whatever they could snick there fangs into. Humans, werewolves, and witches even other vampires like me. I was a Starlight vampire. Starlight vampires were classed as the ‘goodies' in our secret world. We needed to blood just like any other vampire, but we had other resources and we didn't kill to clench our thirst.

They were four of them, three men and a woman. Two of the male vampires looked the same, they both had blond hair and I could see the blue in there eyes even from this view. The other man had black hair and brown eyes. The woman had glossy black hair down to her shoulders and her eyes were bright green. All of the men were wearing either dark blue or black clothing, the woman however, stood out wearing a scarlet red strappy dress.

I watched as they stayed together. This was going to be a little tricky, taking four down at once but they had to be a way. It was my job to kill them. Not just mine, Starlight vampires wanted to stop Black rose vampires from taking over, stop them from taking human lives and the only way to do this was to kill them.

Of course they had the chance to turn into a Starlight vampire, they would have to learn to control there need for blood, but it would mean giving up there mortally.

The reason they killed they prey was because they wanted its life force. The more that they killed the stronger they got, the longer they lived and the more powerful too. They did have a price to pay, Black rose vampires couldn't go out in the sunlight. Unless they were a royal pureblood Black rose vampire. If you were a royal pureblood, you could go out in sunlight, but you would be weak. Most Black rose vampires were once Starlight vampires, but had chosen to fall into the dark side.   

The female vampire parted away from the male vampires, this was my chance to take her down. I slipped my black coat on doing the buttons and the belt also making sure that my ash wood stake hidden as I made my through the crowds. I watched as she went into the bathroom, taking a brown hair boy with her. She was all mine for the taking, I could feel my canines becoming more like fangs and my power flowed around my body.   


The End

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