Mason: Bloody Girl

That stupid girl! Lacie sure did know how to snap. I want to cut her head in half!! Bloody, will I ever get through high school at this rate?

I just wanted to scream at her, "You think I'm rude?!"


Ugh, and her friend. She looked like a dog. I mean, not that she was ugly but umm did you notice her drool? I bet she snores like a dog too, wait do dogs even snore?


"Mum, I'm home!"

"Oh, hello mason, dear. Do you want a cookie?"

I snorted, "Me, a cookie. You couldn't be more ridiculous."

"Well, okay hunie." I was glad I couldn't see her expression.

"Do you need help unpacking?"

"Sure, Mason."

I ran into her room and opened a box. There was so much boxes, I almost tripped on the way there. But her room was only about five feet away from the kitchen.

We had so much stuff to do!

The End

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