Lacie: Math sucks

Everyone was in their seats. Tyler in front of me, Shay on the right, Sherri in front of her, and Tyler’s best friend Derek sat next to him. The only empty seat was on the left of me. And who just happens to walk in late? The new rude british kid!

"Mr. Burke, this is not a good way to start off the year. I will be lenient seeing how your new here." Ms. Gray told him when he handed her his late slip. "You may take the empty seat next to Miss St. Clair."

He took the seat. He looked over at me and I glared. This new kid really hasn’t made a very good impression on me. I looked over at Shay who was staring at him. I was pretty sure I saw a little drool come out of her mouth. I waved my hand it front of her face.

"Shay. your eyes are boring into the side of his head and stop drooling. Its not very pretty." I smiled and patted the top of her head.

"I do NOT drool!" she said annoyed but she wiped her mouth anyway. I grinned and giggled.

I looked up at the board where Mrs. Gray was writing the notes for us to copy down.

I tried my best not to look the new rude british kid throughout the rest of class. Which was hard seeing how I have to look their way to see the rest of our notes! Shesh math sucks.

When the bell was about to ring I quickly gathered all of my things.

"Miss St. Clair?" said a british voice. Ugh he was trying to talk to me. Maybe he'll apologize for being a jerk to me.

"My name is Lacie." I snapped.

"Uh Lacie. I'd like to say I was sorry...though I am not quite sure for what. But you seem very upset with me."

I looked at him with no expression. " What do you mean you don’t know what your sorry for? You ran into me with no apology then when I called after you, you ignored me until you got to the end of the hall! I don’t know if that’s ok in your country but here in the United States of America, we call that rude."

The bell rang and me and Shay walked out together. I looked back at the very confused british boy. I don’t think that he is ever going to make a good impression on me....

The End

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