Mason: New Boy


I was officially the new boy in Seattle at the high school. But being the new boy was worse than it sounds. You have to put up with stares. And people saying your accent is funny. Yes, it may be funny, but I don't say that yours is funny even though I think that, do I?

Then, you bump into people. Girls, to be exact and they act all dreamy. That part wasn't so bad. But after the first period, when I accidentally bumped into that girl, whew, I'm glad I made it out alive.

At least I got treated like everybody else. I liked it, even though she was kinda rude,(and she thought I was rude?) I owed her. But what was I going to do to repay her?

The morning moved on slowly, with the same slowness as it did at home. Until came sixth period, Math.

I love Math, really, but I don't love math here. And you can probably guess why.

So as I was saying I walked into Math.

"New boy, New boy!" Came chants from the whole class. Everybody was already in their seats. Was I late?

The End

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