Seattle, here he comes

Ah senior year. The year I have been waiting for my whole entire life. The year I finally get to graduate and get the heck out of here. This rainy dreary city of Seattle. I have a plan to go to ASU in Arizona when I graduate. Its just a school year away. 

Any who, today is the 1stday of senior year and I need to look adorable. SO I decided on my favorite white skirt, my new converse high heels, and my teal shirt. I pulled my hair back into two French braids and headed out the door to my old truck. Well it doesn’t look old but if you had seen it when my older brother Wyatt  had it….well I’ll save you from the sticky moldy pizza filled details. I picked up my best friend Tyler and Lachele on the way there.

“Can we pick up Sherri to?” Ty  asked. Me and Shay groaned. Sherri Duncan is Ty annoying new girlfriend he started dating over the summer.

“I take that as a no.” he said glumly. But I was already on her street. She hopped in back with Ty. Sherri kept babbling on and on about how great her summer was and blah,, blah, blah. It was annoying the crap out me to the point I was gripping the steering wheel so tight my hands were a funny color.  I was glad when we pulled up to the school. I no longer had to deal with Sherri D.

Shay and I walked into the school together smiling. We were now at the top of the school again. I was excited, in a great mood, and  couldn’t wait to see the rest of our friends. As we were walking some new kid in a leather jacket did that jerk shoulder bump thing to me. He didn’t even acknowledge me or apologize. I turned around.

“Hey! Say excuse me next time!” I yelled in his direction. When he kept walking I yelled at him again. “What is your problem? “

He seemed to finally realize He was being spoken to. He pointed to himself.  I nodded. He walked back towards me.

“What do you need miss?” he had a British accent. I seemed to take in how cute he was in the moment. Brown kind of longish hair., Sparkling bright blue eyes, He' seems about 5'10 and a half. He's very skinny, but a full build. He noticed my staring.

“Yes miss?”

That brought me back to reality and my anger returned. “Ya. You cant just go bumping into people in the hallways! Its rude!’ I snapped.

He thought was moment then spoke. “I am sorry but I didn’t see you there. I didn’t even realize I ran into someone.”

I glared at him and walked away. Lachele was waiting for me open mouthed. I looked at her an laughed. “Shay you might wanna close your mouth before bugs start flying in.”

“You just yelled at the hot new british guy! Why would you do that?”

I rolled my eyes and smiled. “So come on, lets get to Culinary Arts before were late.”

We hurried down the halls and got to class right as the one minute bell rang. I was so happy me and Lachele have the exact same schedule. The teacher starting calling out roll.

“Lacie St. Clair?”

“here”  I said grinning. She smiled back at me.

This day has started out rocky but I just know that I am going to have a great year.

The End

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