The Lake

Every morning at a quarter past eight, Dana would wake up, shower, and slip down to the lake barefoot, dew collecting on her bare soles.

A hamper would swing from her arm, brimming with food and blankets and books. Her eyes were wild, and bright red spots of red glowed on her pale cheeks.

Then, by nine, she would be settled in an alcove of trees right down by the lakes shore. The spot was invisible from the footpath above, and Dana had to crawl under reeds to reach it.

Because it was secluded further back from the water, no one from the other side of the lake could see them either. It was a perfect, idylic place to hide.

Ten past nine, and Owen would slide under the reeds, draw Dana back into the bushes and kiss her passionatley. Then, they would sunbathe, sometimes chatting.

Dana liked to lie right across his body, playing with his hair, nibbling on a strawberry.

This was how they spent that summer; by the lake. After only four days of begining this ritual, they made love for the first time. And every day after that, for six, long, stiflingly hot weeks, they did too.

Dana lived on a high; a crazy, love induced stupor that made her oblivious to the rest of the world. After long days by the lake, she would always retreat home alone, because the thought of making love in her own house scared her.

What if her parents were to see?

What if they returned home spontanously?

Dana couldn't dare think about such possibilites, so night time was spent staring at the cieling of her bedroom, desperatley trying to fall asleep.

The End

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