That Summer

"Owen's looking at you again," whispered Harriet, her breath tickling Dana's ear. She felt herself blush, and Harriet giggled. "He's coming over!" She squealed. "I'll leave you to it!"

Dana looked up just in time to see Harriet prancing past Owen, eyes bright. Unlike most boys his age, Owen's eyes didn't follow Harriet's bum as it sashayed away. His eyes were fixed on Dana's face, and he walked over determindley.

By the set of his eyes, she could tell the battle was already lost. When he sat down next to her, Dana's heart was fluttering wildly against herribcage in desperation, wanting to be set free.

He glanced up at her from under his eyelashes, brown eyes smoldering. "Hey," he said huskily. Without any other explanation, he leant forwards, and kissed her.

Dana hadn't even spoken to Owen Hart before. Not a proper conversation, at any rate. Perhaps "Can you pass me that pen," or "What's seven four fifths?" or even "Excuse me."

That was it. Maybe they hadn't conversed much, but they had looked. Every day at school, Dana would follow him with her eyes, peering from over her textbook. His dark brown, almost black hair, that caught the light and shone, making her want to run her fingers through it.

Dana watched him walk, chat, play sports after school. She watched him run and jump and swim.She watched him write, read, bite his nails. He was just so perfect, so unique.

At first,Dana hadn't noticed him staring back, not until Harriet pointed it out to her. Then she did notice. She could feel his gaze burning through her top, travelling up and down her body, until always resting on her face.

So when he kissed her, it was almost a complete shock. Not quite, but it suprised Dana so much that she never wanted to let go again.

When the end of term dawned, she dreaded a summer alone, staring wistfully at pictures of him like girls in tragic movies. But when her parents announced that they were travelling to Australia to visit friends, Dana's oppurtunity arose.

A whole summer alone in a huge rambling house. A whole summer alone- with Owen.

The End

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