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“Come on, it’s getting cold now,” Pandora said. “We should be leaving.”

The sun had begun to sink down into the sea, shadows where lengthening and the wind had grown chilly, blowing pale sand across both of the girls. Pandora pulled on her short denim shorts and a thin summer camisole over the bikini she was wearing, slipped on the short converse and stood up, brushing the sand off of her skin.

“I guess so...” Isobel replied, sleepily as she pulled on her short skirt and flip-flops before standing up and picking up her towel. “I like the beach...It’s so...peaceful.”

Pandora smiled wistfully. “Yeah I guess so. Come on.” She started slowly walking towards the cliffs, Isobel followed soundlessly, planning to return to the beach as often as she could through the summer.

“What work is there for college tomorrow, Iz?”

“Apart from the Math and Spanish, you mean?”


“Erm...” Isobel stopped walking to think, it had been one of her traits since before Pandora met her. “Nothing, just them. Do you reckon you’ll get them done in time?”

Pandora sighed, a small smile creeping across her face as she frowned as if to consider the question particularly hard. “I’m pretty certain...” She decided, nodding.

The End

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