Watching, WaitingMature

Caliban watched the ensuing play-fighting with a wistful smile. “It would seem she has forgotten about me.”

“That it would, sir, but not truly, I am sure.”

Caliban sighed, still smiling. “I don’t mind, Bastion, I would rather she were enjoying herself for now.”

“I am sure you would sir, but...” Bastion hesitated.

“What?” Caliban asked, curtly, his mood beginning to turn sour

“We do not have unlimited amounts of time, you only have until September 21st.”

“Bastion, you’ve been my most trusted ally for many a decade, why can’t you have as much faith in me as I have in you? Just this once?”

Bastion grimaced inwardly. “I do have faith in you, however, what concerns me is that you only have two and a half months before we must leave again. I do not believe that it is long enough

Caliban sighed quietly. “Is it not enough that we have found her at last?”

Bastion bowed his head, feeling faintly ashamed of himself. “Of course sire my apologies...”

“Let us go, Keili will be wondering as to where I am...” Caliban said as if nothing had happened. He looked down at the two girls one last time and turned away, back towards their path.

The End

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